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  1. birdmun

    Disable tap to click touchpad

    Thought I would paste this here in case it doesn't get moved.
  2. birdmun

    Disable tap to click touchpad

    Have you considered searching for your problem and including ubuntu in the search? Bodhi being built on ubuntu means some issues that are solved in ubuntu can crossover to fix problems in bodhi.
  3. birdmun

    New Bodhi Linux For Samsung Chromebook

    There were some questions about installing bodhi on newer(?) Chromebooks. It seemed that it might be possible to get it running on some of them. However, I can't seem to find the posts. Maybe my memory is faulty.
  4. birdmun

    Annoying spam posts

    I helped with a site for a short time. Those spammers are stupid persistent.
  5. Sadly on chrome on my system most of you seem to be overly excited about black outlined rectangles.
  6. birdmun

    Problem with ecomorph and moksha

    This is the post I was thinking of.
  7. birdmun

    Problem with ecomorph and moksha

    As no one with solid knowledge has answered you yet, I believe I saw a few months back that Jeff said ecomp hadn't been built to work with the new version of efl. I think that is what was said. I am fairly sure it boiled down to, you won't be getting to use ecomorph with bodhi for now/for ever? I will search the forums to back up my recollection, or, you can.
  8. birdmun

    Can't use any video player.

    Best help I can offer is to start vlc from the terminal. Just open Terminology, type vlc and hit enter. It should start. After that when it crashes you should get a more descriptive error.
  9. A minor clarification. Left mouse click on the desktop. Left mouse click in an open window won't get the same response. The menu will typically open to the right and scoot over only as needed. If you left click near the right edge without The_Waiters "new" module, the menu will scoot over so you can see it. As you scroll through the items, they will open to the right and you will have to mouse over them to get the menu to scoot farther to the left. The_Waiter wrote something that if enabled will cause the menu to open to the left of the mouse cursor. I do not believe it is location sensitive, so, if enabled it will always open to the left and therefore the issues one has with the right side of their screen will simply now occur on the left. Welcome to the forums KarareRyker and AeroEpsilon
  10. birdmun

    How to reinstall a 32bit Bodhi, please?

    Another option would be to install 4.5.0 legacy and then update the kernel and add the preferred apps and use bodhibuilder to make your install in to an image. I am only speaking from what I have seen mentioned here on the forums. I have not done any of the above.
  11. birdmun

    How to disable screensaver only for Kodi?

    If in said script there is/was a way to call out hotkeys, you could, in theory, set up the hotkeys and call the script to run Kodi. I, however, don't know if one can specify hotkeys or even just call presentation mode directly in said script.
  12. birdmun

    Moksha repository for Debian?

    Not exactly what I think you are looking for, but, https://it.toolbox.com/blogs/jeffhoogland/installing-moksha-desktop-on-debian-jessie-110415
  13. I recall seeing mention of hitting Enter or Esc, I don't remember which, while the bootsplash is showing and you will see the typical linux text boot process. I recall Ctrl+Alt+F12 used to show the same boot process on one of my earlier installs of Ubuntu(?). Earlier meaning version 8, 9, or maybe 10.
  14. birdmun

    [Solved] No network devices available

    Two little bits. You should look in to Plop. It will allow you to boot from floppy/cd and then you can bootstrap to a USB boot. They do make usb to ethernet connectors. Something like that might also help you get your connection working.
  15. birdmun

    Java settings

    Back when I really worried about getting JAVA installed, the JAVA site used to check to make sure you had JAVA installed correctly. Are you saying that this one particular applet won't run or no JAVA for you at all? Do you have JAVA or the opensource version installed, or both?