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  1. cpufreq stop responding !?

    o true that, I went on synaptic there is actually a moksha-cpu but it is installed by default (on my system at least) since I did not know his existence but here it is already installed.
  2. cpufreq stop responding !?

    O bro I am in love with life I found a solution I went on this website after hips of forum http://www.pantz.org/software/cpufreq/usingcpufreqonlinux.html, and there I found this command to load generic module "sudo modprobe acpi-cpufreq" and now it works. to be honest it is curiosity and pure luck but dude I am happy ^^. hope you will be able to explain it to me ^^ but anyway it works. And it made me realize I have to get my nose deep in linux from now on to understand my stuff more. Thanks again.
  3. cpufreq stop responding !?

    O man your message made me laugh. I always have my usb key close to my computer. I already know this "technique" but as you said I would like to get on this one ^^. I already had this issue but I would like to get over it this time. But seriously you made me laugh hard time and do not worries already got my backups ^^.
  4. cpufreq stop responding !?

    I tried your solution and I am giving it a go again right now, and in fact it was working flawlessly but I do not know what happened. edit : but hey thank you again I appreciate it , I am still new to linux 3/4 years and still amazed by the community even more on bodhi.
  5. cpufreq stop responding !?

    No worries, you tried and I thank you for that. Just in case, is changing kernel a hypothetic solution or not at all ? I saw somewhere (on one of your post actually) that going back to older kernel could be the solution for freq control issue.
  6. cpufreq stop responding !?

    Thank you for the quick answer, unfortunately it does not work. But since I went there (.e/e/config) I saw that I have 10 files of each cfg even the profile.cfg in .e/e/ is it normal. I guess it is but simple curiosity ? edit : while watching movies I don't know if it related but I see my freq not even mooving (but since cpufreq does not respond it might simply be that the module does not work), and so I have lags which does not happens normaly with movies ?? It seems that the freq is somewhat lock on minimal.
  7. cpufreq stop responding !?

    hi all I am back with an issue ^^. So I am on the 64 bit version and no change to kernel without apt-get update... The thing is I use the cpufreq quite a lot to try to follow how my comp respond to things and today I don't know why the cpufreq module does not respond. I can put it in maximum freq for example but nothing change and when going for manual same it is like it gets what I want to do since maximum speed is checked but stay on the lowest frequency as for manual it does not even check the change. The thing is I am absolutly sure I did not mess around but still as for now I am getting unsure, since I get this issue. Which btw is not the first time I get it but last time made me reinstall the distro I was messing around too much for my knowledge I guess. But for now I have no clue on what I did. I actually tried and update after the issue appears (I know, why?... but who knows, it might have work) and so I am here with a new post . Tell me what I could if I can specify something more. Thanks in advance , Othmay.
  8. install an executable as a deb would

    hidiho brothers, First of all sorry, got a pretty tough week and could not get around this thing before right now, so thanks both of you for answering the waiter's solution was the one I was looking for but too easy cause of the gnu. And so birdmun came with a little more insight in the right direction. So thanks again for participating AND doing it well . btw sorry about the wiki, I don't know why I just removed it from my brain. But still I'll go check it when needed before spoiling the forum. Thanks again, Thankfully, Othman.
  9. hi all, So here I am with an issue or more like a question, I downloaded epsxe for my bodhi partition and everything is working well. But to launch the emulator I have to go the place where I put the executable downloaded on the official website. And I actually would like to "install" it as any other software I have already. By this I mean having it simply in the menu and launchable from the terminal from anywhere. So I am guessing that I will need to make a directory somewhere like usr/games/ or something like this, make a bash file and maybe somethings else (since I am here to know what, I actually do not). And so I would like to know how to. I don't even know how to make a bash but I am not here for these details (I can get them by myself). I can't find the actual need of any software to be usuable as it is by default in bodhi. So I would like a little bit of insight to make this installation by myself and not with a simple deb file as I used to. So (third one ^^)I hope I have made myself clear,since I am no native english I may not with a non-fully understood subject like this one. And if anything is necessary for me to explain just ask I'll be glad to give more info. ps : my install is x86 for first info . Thankfully, othmay.
  10. eepdater - How to give user input?

    thanks for the quick reply and no worry that is what I did, I was just hopin an answer for people behind me. But still thank you, hope it will be useful for others as it is for me .
  11. eepdater - How to give user input?

    Hi all, First of all, let's reintroduce myself, I discovered Linux about 3/4 years ago and bodhi was one the first distro I tried, but due too much info for the newbie I was back then ( actually not that much have change ^^). I ended up on linux mint to whom I was trustfull, but hell I came back to my first love. And even if I am still a recent linux user, I can tell that bodhi made it. I mean for me it is THE distro. Fast, elegant, highly customizable (I mean in all simplicity), and man the spiritual-sanskrit side of it, is definetly te cherry on the cake. So this first of all was more of a THANK YOU JEFF AND THE BODHI COMMMUNITY (if I may). Thank you for the good work, keep it that way, and surely you've definitly nailed the distro IMO. Anyway, got to be serious now, now that I am on bodhi 4, I used eepdater for the common first big update of my system but i can't get around an issue that I have . I might misswrite or else but when get ask something on eep, there is no way for me to input anything, the grub thing is the issue. I have the 7 options since I had a customed grub file. But when I write and execute my command nothing happen. How am I suppose to write it, or is there something else that I don't understand that make my input like a fly's fart in a tornado (I mean useless). I mean I got input and all but when I press enter or execute it just seem to accept it but does not do anything else. Any idea. let me mokshaed myself aswell please. Thankfully, Othmay.
  12. Counter strike, display issue

    Hi everyone, First of all, let me introduce a bit of myself (through my little experience), interested in linux since a few months only. I was trying a bit of bodhi 2.x, but I get real hands on it since the pre release of 3.x. So my knowledge about linux in general ain't that much, but as an ex electronic and I.T. student, I think I can get through anything that is not "no-life user". And before finishing, I wanted to thank the body linux team for what they are doing and for the philosophy they put in bodhi . Anyway let's go for the issue : Here's my problem I've installed steam on a 64 OS, and everything is running pretty smooth but this F***ing game that is Counter Strike GO. In depth, when I launch the game everything is alright until I reach a server to play. Once in a game the display is "snowy", I tried different ingame settings , but even at the lowest configuration the problem remain even if the 3D environment is understandable (from experience) it is not playable at all. I am using a dell lattitude e6410 laptop with a integrated intel graphic card up to date from my knowledge. Everything was fine on Windos but now i get this "snowy" display which from my humble point of view is just a problem small problem conidering that only the in-game (3D environment) get this issues and considering the game menu perfectly working. So here I am, looking for an overflow of knowledge from great and inspired people that you are. If anything ain't that clear, just let me explain more in detail these aspectes that I would have misexplain from my french to english perspectiv . And thank you for reading . Ps : Let's just say that I am still a terminal learner, so if you need anything from config to software versions don't be shy to put in commands line that would help.