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  1. Hello! The BodhiLinux-4.5-legacy.iso currently on Linuxtracker.org has a different checksum than the official (from Download » Sourceforge download). Does one of you have some clue about where this diff may come from? └─> [0]$ md5sum bodhi-4.5.0-legacy.iso # ISO from LT 790473e30ed6597b9099ff925b15a07c bodhi-4.5.0-legacy.iso └─> [0]$ cat bodhi-4.5.0-legacy.iso.md5 # official checksum f8c976f18576dab1bbc8dd08dc56603b bodhi-4.5.0-legacy.iso
  2. tuk0z

    Modules localization job

    Hi I added a French translation for the Clipboard module. I'll request a pull as soon as I've figured out git submodules $%# logic :-}
  3. Nice to read The waiter. And if some small hands are needed at some point please count me in, frankly. I've only developped for the Web and administered loads of Linux systems since 2k sure, but getting a bit in software development would be OK.
  4. The Waiter: https://github.com/thewaiter/Clipboard/tree/master/po is an example of what I was looking for ylee : French (mother tongue), Arabic (medium) and Chinese simplified (maybe, depends how far I'd be able to get back in my memory ) Thanks guys! Now for EepDater which is written in PyEFL, would po files be feasible may be?
  5. Hi all! Bodhi 4.3 is currently one of the systems we ship with the fully refurbished machines we sell at the local Repair coffee/fablab. Quite some people are interested in getting a working computer that's simple, updatable and reasonabily secure for the coming years. Only they do not know English (yeah, as weird as it may sound to some people --often coming from an English speaking family... ) Some in-house Bodhi tools are localized/localizable (such as ePhoto) but not all. E.g. EepDater : I can't find any code that'd allow one to contribute to its localization. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'll be willing to give a hand too. We do try to show people how to maintain their Bodhi system up to date. But some are having a hard time clicking on stuff they can't even read. And IMHO it'd be cool to have localizable simple-to-use in-house tools, rather than having to add alternatives (e.g. Appgrid, Synaptic).
  6. Sure enough. You may have been a tad fast on getting previous posts' factual content PS : 1995's Pentium Pro is i686 aka sixth-generation Intel x86 microarchitecture; Anything older is i586 or less.
  7. As for Redmond's businessmen and their devs. Well let 'em dive into adapting their bling bling OS for chromebook-like, low-profile portable machines. Should keep 'em busy for a while Actually the first video screens I shared are wrong. The virtual engine I used keeps letting the guest OS accessing the host's CPU instructions: newer mpv and Palemoon do require SSE2. It's a change from Bodhi 3 (Ubuntu 14.04) where everything handily run on SSE-only machines per default. Note that CPU speed, memory and I/O speed are those of the 15 years old computer though. But wait a minute! As soon I realized that I went on the physical PC where we replicate the vm' OS and apps, and searched for replacements. Thanks to the open source nature of all the apps we use that didn't take long: In a day we were able to run the very same multi-tasking scenario on the 2002 Athlon XP 1.7 ghz 500 MB RAM integrated graphics old machine Just using mplayer in place of mpv, and Palemoon SSE-only. @BeGo Pentium 4 were launched in 2001 ^^
  8. Answer is yeap! Bodhi 4.2 32bit Legacy brings out quite a decent multi-tasking experience to users of the computers we refurbish at the city DIY house. Here's a short video that tries to showcase what the OS allows on the desktop, with the default kernel (and applications settings for most). Thought it'd be fair to share it with you guys but please note titles are in French: https://youtu.be/dggNn8VJalM?list=PLOJlSRU-hcKu52UJftmc9FY0qoT0PjDgM Computer is an AMD Athlon XP 1.5GHZ (no SSE2 !) with 500 MB RAM, 60 GB HDD and a 32 MB graphic card )) A few kernels (e.g. linux-ck) are under test as well as settings (e.g. the kernel virtual memory stack). Athlon XP-class PCs are amongst the slowest we've got... Moreover, I've seen no slowdown at all coming from 3.2 Kuddos Jeff and the volunteers!! To quote a fellow forum member: Yeap! Now let's keep making use of this situation for our « profit » i.e. human and technical
  9. Holy cow! jpg/png, choice to (not) launch ePhoto, timer with screen notification are really cool new features for the Moksha Screenshot too EDIT: this too
  10. tuk0z

    [AppCenter] can't install a package

    Thank you Jeff for clarifying the main point 5/5. @Charles It really is all the packages I tried to install, e.g. Abiword (see post #1), Gnumeric, File-roller... That's with Midori (default) as I didn't tweak the freshly installed Bodhi 4 alpha beside locale, energy settings (using TLP) and adding a few packages (and adding the testing repo to possibly help testing EFL 1.18). Also `apt-url` has no issue itself; it's purely gui related. I like that the App-center gives you a message.
  11. tuk0z

    [AppCenter] can't install a package

    Here I still can't install any package from the AppCenter upon moving out my user $HOME/.e and log-in back. There's no message whatsoever to keep me updated on « what may cause that » that I can see. Then the `sudo apturl-elm apt:///<pkg>` command works flawlessly.
  12. tuk0z

    [EFL-testing]: select text unavailable

    'Text selection disappears' issue is gone after moving out my former and carefully backed up ~/.e set-up (language, layout, theme and gadgets). Tested with Midori, ePad, urxvt and Abiword.
  13. tuk0z

    Issue with the Moksha Clipboard

    I'll do it today hopefully. Was busy on other systems the last couple of days. EDIT: I thought I'd do it now rather than later. OK Jeff I understand from your last answer you were referring to the last couple little issues only rather to all of my posts. So on the clipboard issue, after logging out, moving my user $HOME/.e out of the way and re-logging: With Moksha Cliboard defaults settings: - right click on the clipboard icon work fine. - left click (after selecting or copying text with Ctrl+c) does nothing. And it's the same with 'Use Primary Selection' On. Tested with string only in Midori, ePad and Abiword --up to the date.
  14. tuk0z

    [EFL-testing]: select text unavailable

    If we agree on what a string(s) selection is, then I can barely add to that description I made on first post I.e. select aka highlight the "foo bar" strings in "blab blab balab foo bar blab blab" and watch your selection aka highlighted strings disappear; anytime just after you selected (short ones) or during the selection (long ones). Oh and I found that if I Ctrl+c while shift selecting strings, then the later will be copied. @Jeff not sure how screenshoting texts and web pages would help Yeap moksha-clipboard module loaded. In my experience Parcellite is lighter than heavyweight glipper and Clipit is both way lighter and has all the features I need. Will try again this afternoon in case you wish some more input/test/else please mention it.
  15. tuk0z

    Issue with the Moksha Clipboard

    Jeff by « all of my threads » do you mean "Text selection disappears in ePad and Midori", or other that I can't think off too? I installed (vs upgrading) Bodhi 4.0.0alpha2 from the latest publicly available ISO after checksuming it. Copied my former '~/.e/' and '$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/<browser>' to my $HOME, then added the b4testing repo and dist-updated, with no warnings that I could see. Can't remember having issue with the Clipboard module in Bodhi 3.2.1. Also in another box (a VM upgraded from 3.2.1) it is working fine .