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  1. Malach

    black screen with 3.1 live boot

    Hi, I know you are an old pro at these installs, however did you verify the Md5sum? Also Jeff mentioned a problem with usb sticks and to use the verify option in the boot menu in this thread, perhaps it might be helpful?: http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/12348-no-mouse-no-network/
  2. I had this issue yesterday and Deepspeed helped me with it and asked me to put a self-fix post on the forums. After running eepDater I received the following error message upon restart: I had the same error message for the module engage. It seems the naming can get mixed up on update and the workaround appears to be correctly naming the directory that the module.so file is located in. The path to the module.so on my system is: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/enlightenment/modules Although on other systems it can be: /usr/local/lib/enlightenment/modules A good search to get the correct path is to enter the following at a command prompt: cd /usr/lib/*linux-gnu/enlightenment/modules or: cd /usr/local/lib/enlightenment/modules Once you have cd'd into the correct enlightenment modules directory you can ls at a command prompt to see the available directories. One of them should be the module that the error message says can't be found. In my case ecomorph and engage, although it could be any module. Cd into the correct module and ls to see what directories are located there. There should be a directory that begins with linux-gnu and ends in 0.1.0 in my case it was linux-gnu-x86_64-0.1.0. This directory needed to be renamed to linux-gnu-x86_64-0.17.6 in my case. A quick way to rename this directory is to use the mv command: sudo mv linux-gnu-x86_64-0.1.0 linux-gnu-x86_64-0.17.6 There should be a space between the directory names and it is possible to use Ctl+Shift+c to copy and Ctl+Shift+v to paste in terminology. This has solved both of my problems. I have intentionally made these instructions usable for people who might be newer to terminal commands, I hope it isn't too long.
  3. Malach

    [SOLVED]Curious conky differences

    From the conky FAQ here: http://conky.sourceforge.net/faq.html Q: Transparency doesn't work! Why is this and how can I fix it? A: Conky uses "pseudo"-transparency. What this means is that is not a truly "transparent" window. What it does is read the background of the root window, and changes it's own background to the section of the image it finds. Some Window or Desktop Managers do not set a background to the "real" root background, and instead place it on a layer above the root window. To fix this, you can use an application such as qiv (http://www.klografx.net/qiv/), "Esetroot" which is included with Eterm (http://www.eterm.org), "fbsetbg" which is included with fluxbox (http://www.fluxbox.org), or (my favourite) "feh" (http://linuxbrit.co.uk/feh/). To set the background using "feh" from your ~/.xinitrc, try the following: #!/bin/sh sleep 1 && feh --bg-center ~/background.png & I have used feh before and it worked well. Perhaps Moksha has the root window set as described above.
  4. Malach

    Linux Action Show

    This was super cool, thank you for sharing. I just watched it, great interview that showcases some of the best things about Bodhi now, and what is coming up. Awesome!
  5. Malach

    eepDater doesnt run

    Hello, I had this exact issue and the fix worked well, eepDater is back in business. I have no idea how that folder made it into my system and I have added a ton of junk so this probably won't help much. I added quite a bit of stuff not in the bodhi app center. The only thing kevison mentioned as a possible that I have as well is conky. Plus a few themes and fonts. The plot thickens...
  6. Malach

    My machine is majorly sluggish

    It might be a good idea to try the legacy version which is for older machines and as far as I can tell that is on the lower side on ram. I was running 32 bit on an older machine as well and I ended up ugrading the ram to 2 GB for pretty cheap and now it runs very well. Before I upgraded the ram I was at 512 MB and with lots of tabs open in a browser it could be a bit sluggish.
  7. Malach

    My machine is majorly sluggish

    Can you give a little more detail? For instance, which Bodhi are you using? (legacy, 32 bit, etc?) Perhaps some more of your system specs, how much ram etc? Also, when is it sluggish? When you open a browser, run a certain application, or just opening menus?
  8. Malach

    Can't Adjust Screen Brightness - HP dv9000t

    Randy, The xrandr method worked for me this time from that link. I had tried it before, I am sure it was some sort of user error. I must have used the command as written and I needed to change the display in the command to what my display is called. Anyway thanks so much, I appreciate your help.
  9. Malach

    Can't Adjust Screen Brightness - HP dv9000t

    Hi Randy, uname -r in my ubuntu install comes back 3.13.0-45 I will check out the ubuntu forum link again also, maybe there is something I missed.
  10. Hello, I have a not very pressing or major issue that I am hoping someone can give me some instruction on. I have no control over my screen brightness levels with Bodhi 3.0. I have been trying to find a solution to this on my own for quite some time, but so far I have been unsuccessful. I have a dual boot with Ubuntu 14.04 and the brightness works great with that install, I can even use the fn+f8 key combo to turn it up. So for now I have it set right and it is no big deal, I am just a curious guy, and would like to be able to change my brightness levels with Bodhi. I have loaded the backlight module and can move all the sliders with no effect. I have tried some of the fixes listed in other forums and none have worked so far. Most dealt with adding some text to the default grub, however in my ubuntu install the grub is exactly like the Bodhi grub and brightness works there. I don't know what system specs might be helpful but I am running an older nvidia card with the legacy driver (the brightness didn't work with the stock bodhi driver either) intel cpu HP dv9000t laptop. So I like to learn new things and don't really know where to look in my ubuntu install to see what the difference between the two might be. I have noticed on the ubuntu install there are way more files and folders that deal with backlight, most of which I probably don't need, but one of which would probably do the trick. Could one of our helpful forum regulars help me out with a little trouble shooting on this issue? Thanks
  11. Malach

    Share your Desktop

    Thanks Randy, the conky is located here, there are some fonts it calls for also but you should be able to find them. Sometimes it is a pain to make it transparent because of how enlightenment does the wallpaper, there are good instructions on this here at question six. I used the feh method explained there and it works well when I have issues. This conky is really a VinDSL template that I modified quite a bit, there are tons of pretty cool ones later on in this thread. Like after page 1600.
  12. Malach

    Share your Desktop

    Here is my simple desktop. It is mostly angelic with a few tweaks, I love that theme
  13. Malach

    member log in

    Hi sandrod, I noticed when I logged in the first time that my user name was different from the nickname, it was my full name. Could this be the case with you as well?
  14. So, that really seemed to work. I am back to the old beautiful bodhi screen I am used to seeing. It hasn't locked up yet but I will play with it a bit longer. Jeff, thank you so much for sticking with me through this, I really appreciate it. I feel like I learned a thing or two also. Hopefully it will be smooth sailing from here on out.
  15. Ok so I ran the commands as suggested, the system still isn't booting normally. Also still getting the OpenGL warning. I did notice this error when I ran the header command: Error! Bad return status for module build on kernel: 3.16.0-29-generic (i686) Consult /var/lib/dkms/nvidia-331/331.113/build/make.log for more information. However when I reinstalled this seemed to be new: nvidia_331: Running module version sanity check. - Original module - No original module exists within this kernel - Installation - Installing to /lib/modules/3.16.0-29-generic/updates/dkms/ depmod.... DKMS: install completed. Processing triggers for initramfs-tools (0.104bodhi1) ... update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-3.16.0-29-generic At least its not freezing up anymore. Should I try one of the other RC ISOs? I am running the 32 bit at the moment.