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  1. I want to write an application that allows an alarm clock to be used as a trigger for a media player (e.g., VLC player). I know Bodhi does not presently feature an alarm clock yet, apt-get should resolve this. I would want to initialize a play list to begin playing automatically and possibly stop playing after a given period of time. At this stage if the work, I am concerned of the following primary issues: 1 - Is this application right for Bodhi? If yes, I'm in. If not, this is fine, I'll work with one of my more capable laptops and a direct Ubuntu LTS release. I guess my concern here is am I going beyond the minimalist perspective Bodhi embraces. If yes, then I should find another way to implement this project. 2 - While my netbook is small (Eee PC 1000H) Bodhi has helped improve its performance. I will get the 2 GB module in the coming months and I may purchase the low-latency module I found for ~$45 yet, I doubt this will make a significant improvement. I know a good solid state drive will help it further because, my son's is configured with a Samsung 840 Pro and performs much faster than my convential drive. However, I am getting concerned that I am installing too much from the App Center! 3 - My programming background is in C, C++, FORTRAN and VB with a small amount of Python so give me some input regarding how I might proceed. If I need to learn another language to accomplisht this, I'll do it. I am certain I will need to perform some of this project in VLC so, I need to begin discussions on that forum as well. Thanks!
  2. R@VC

    Looking for an alternative to ePad

    You may also want to try Notepad++. When I used it routinely a couple of years ago the user/installer had the option to install it or use it without completely installing it. I do not recall the details of these distinctions at this time. https://notepad-plus-plus.org/ Your choice will depend upon the resources available in your pc.
  3. R@VC

    Vivaldi Browser

    Waiter & Charles, The communication I posted was lacking... I have Firefox (v. 49) on my netbook and it works yet, so does Midori. The challenge is playing video content I need. Prior to migrating some of my computers to Bodhi I purchased some movies on Google Play for my son. I have yet to be able to identify a means to play these on the Bodhi pc's. My current error message is concerned with licensing these videos as Google Play displays a message indicating they cannot. This means a DRM or CDM issue yet, Widevine is not a Linux product currently. I reached for Palemoon based on recommendations here. I recently earned they have a special build for the Intel Atom so, I chose to work with it. However, it appears they plan to remove support for this and possible all 32-bit products. I loved the early Opera on Windows and this brought my attention to Vivaldi.
  4. R@VC

    Vivaldi Browser

    I do not see this in the AppCenter... I am presently trying Palemoon and would like to evaluate this as well. The browsers in the AppCenter are simply too large for my N270 Atom to be practical. I just attempted to install Synaptic from the AppCenter and the "Install" button did not work. I recently upgraded both Bodhi netbooks to 3.2.1...last week?
  5. R@VC

    Bodhi, FreeNAS, etc.

    As the title suggests I need to build a server for disc images, backups, etc. FreeNAS looks quite good yet, I wanted to see if any Bodhi users have assembled and configured one successfully.
  6. R@VC

    Compiling Bodhi w/External Software

    Sure Jeff, A program called HYSPLiT. It was developed by the Air Resource Lab/NOAA. The primary reason for the need is that I had been using this on my wife's Win7 laptop but, we just missed a significant primary failure that turned out to be the Li-Ion battery. I feared the SSD failed but, we lucked out this time. This scare has caused me to re-evaluate my pc plans. The file I have contains a Linux version of the program. We were told that we would be required to compile to make it work. I think this is a unique need so, I do not consider it appropriate to request a release be built around an application like this. Maybe a CAD program but, not this. If you consider it best I can also add a Ubuntu variant to my laptop to facilitate this. I installed LVM on my laptop so, there is no issue with this option as far as I am concerned. Let me know what you think.
  7. I need to perform this sooner than I anticipated. I found a couple of references. Please let me know if you regard these as sufficient or sugest additional references if necessary specifically for Bodhi. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingEasyHowTo https://luv.asn.au/overheads/compile.html
  8. R@VC

    How to Add PPA to 3.2.0

    I would like to install an application written by a Canonical employee for flight simulation (i.e., 3-axis flight control practice). I suspect this can be installed directly on Bodhi but, thought I should ask before potentially erring. When I installed 3.1.1 on my pc a few weeks ago, I added LVM to the install. Is 3.2 built on top of: 1) 12.04 Precise, 2) 14.04 Trusty, 3) 15.10 Wily or, 4) 16.04 Xenial? Please let me know. Rick
  9. Thank you, I will look into this later today and report my result(s).
  10. ylee, Are you able to indicate to me how you have added this capability to 3rd party web browsers. It might be an interesting problem to work on.
  11. I am disappointed to report this issue but, I suspect it is of greater significance than I first thought. As the title states I have now observed this with Bodhi 3.1.1 & 3.2.0. My memory of this issue is clear but, I do not understand why we are experiencing this issue. We use our netbooks with external monitors for obvious reasons. In response to experiencing this issue on 3.1.1 on my son's netbook and subsequently repairing it by installing 3.1.1 a second time, I decided to select both the internal & external monitors in the display settings. Unfortunately, we left the house in a bit of a rush this morning and I did not turn his computer on to select only the built in display before leaving. He turned it on in the Doctor's office and observed the black screen. We get to the login dialog but, no progress beyond this. At the moment, I cannot boot his netbook at all. Since I resolved my first instance of this with a simple reinstall, I should diagnose this more this time around to ensure this issue is not implicit within Bodhi. What can any one advise? I cannot keep his netbook inactive for long but, I can let him use mine for a while in a attempt to identify the reason(s) why we have been experiencing the black screen. Add to this a bad day at the veterinary oncologist's office and I can tell you it has been a lousy day. Thank you.
  12. I suspect my OP was unclear...I need to install an additional browser yet, have no reason to remove Midori as part of this concern. I have done this browser evaluation on my wife's ultrabook to sort out smaller alternatives and it seems to be fine. For this reason, I see no need to be concerned regarding losing functionality of apt:urls on the AppCenter...and yes, I have used it...VERY NICE UTILITY! I just updated both netbook's to 3.2.0; my son's with eepDater and mine with the Terminology command given in the "Getting Started" document Jeff was kind enough to prepare. MY 1000H has been a little unpredictable so, I am hoping this upgrade will help remove some issues I had been noticing. Patience and diligience are required to know for certain. Bodhi remains good stuff!
  13. The ad blocker extension (2.0) in Midori 0.5.11 has a problem. For example, It would not permit me to load the bodhi forum page. I determined this by enabling/disabling the extension. I will report this to Midori. 4/16 - I am wrong. I have demonstrated this in 3.1.1 & 3.2.0 as of a few minutes ago. I just attempted to log onto the Bodhi forums page with my 1000H running 3.2.0 and I heard the hard disk begin to crunch. observed the status bar progress suspend and the screens(s) went black. I am forced to use the power button to obtain a response from the pc.
  14. Dragon is based on Chromium and Ice Dragon on Firefox. I would assume these are okay since each parent application exists in the application area for Bodhi. Note, both of my Eee PC 1000H nb are running 3.1.1 not 3.2 if this is a factor for my question. I am not interested in installing an application that will cause problems.