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  1. Positive Feedback !

    This is positive feedback to say to the Bodhi team: thanks for keeping an old dog running. I use a 2007 model Thinkpad T42 for some lightweight tasks, mostly writing stuff out with FocusWriter and for some light web browsing. Because Bodhi has a Legacy version that is 32-bit and importantly NON_PAE I am able to continue using a PC that has one of the nicest to type on keyboards ever ever. Knowing that legacy Bodhi is there, existing, meant that I recently put an mSata drive in the this PC with a converter card. A cheap upgrade but I would not have done it if the OS wasn't getting updates. Now I am well aware of the limitations of speed that exist with the PATA bridge, but the PC is like new again (and faster than expected). It's quieter and the fans are not running because the drive isn't getting hot and using power. The legacy version is great (I use normal Bodhi on a new PC too), and I was really sad about retiring this PC, it is a favorite bit of kit of mine that I didn't want to see abandoned in the back of a cupboard. But as long as I can keep it updated I'll have a use for it. So, anyways thanks!
  2. AppCenter version numbers

    Hi, I was just now using Inkscape. While following a tutorial I noticed that the Xenial version for Bhodi, fully updated, is a version behind the current version (0.91 vs 0.92.x) and that some features are different. Naturally I went to update with apt, but the newest version there is the version I have. My next idea was to look at Bhodi's own App Center. This was less useful than I wanted it to be. There are no version numbers given in the AppCenter. When I click to install it tells me "already installed" again with no version number. My suggestion is that the AppCenter provide version numbers for the software. If I could have seen that it was trying to install the same version as I already have I could have saved myself the bother. Maybe a little thing, but probably easy to include?
  3. Drawing tablet GUI settings

    Looking to install something like shown in this video at this time-stamp if you pause it: https://youtu.be/8ZpA_VTbHTU?t=1m51s Some other Ubuntu based distros using other DEs have a GUI based settings panel for graphical tablets. Anyone know how I can get something similar in Bodhi? The tablet sort-of works fine, but I want to be able to easily see settings, my 9 year old has taken an interest in drawing on the PC and of course I want to steer her away from Win/OSX and onto Linux where Krita, Gimp and Inkscape can do so much without the closed source and astronomical license costs. Thanks in advance for any ideas and solutions.
  4. Bodhi 4.x.y in the News

    Sneeky Linux youtube channel does an installation demo. Bodhi 4.2.0 and here is Sneeky's walkthrough of what you get with Bodhi with the app-pack installed. This is typical Sneeky, each video of a distro is a "what you get and does it work like it should" type video.
  5. Hi, When I screen-shot using fn + prt_sc keys I get a desktop notification that the screen-shot has been saved > , but then Okular opens to show me the image. If I'm watching something full screen for example on youtube then the app/browser exits full screen mode too. It's annoying as anything because I can't even pause the video now that okular has focus. Naturally I've been through the Okular menus but cannot find a setting there, and I don't know which application is being called by the fn+prt_sc command. It makes multiple screen-shots in succession impossible. Anyone know how to just get the image to save without triggering okular or anything else opening? Also, it screen-shots both screens if I am using 2, without the option to choose. What's a good set-up for capping a chosen screen?
  6. Bluetooth streaming audio

    In the past I have never managed to get Linux and Bodhi to play continuous audio through a bluetooth speaker/headset. The device pairs, but streaming audio fails. Here is how I did it this time in Bodhi 4.0. Short answer: https://wiki.debian.org/BluetoothUser/a2dp Long answer in case that linked page disappears: Step 1: Run the command at the end of this paragraph. Here's what it does: You already have pulseaudio installed (linked instructions above), so I'm omitting that. Package "pulseaudio-module-bluetooth" should be self-explanatory, package "pavucontrol" is a pulse audio settings GUI program (not sure I actually needed this, it appears to be an alternative to "Efi Volume Control" already installed), and bluez is described as "Bluetooth tools and daemons, this package contains tools and system daemons for using Bluetooth devices." The link to Debian above has you install "bluez-firmware" This package did not exist in my repo, so I elected to take the whole bluez shebang. Bluez is "the official Linux Bluetooth protocol stack." apt install pulseaudio-module-bluetooth pavucontrol bluez Step 2: Then restart the bluetooth service (it will ask for your password): service bluetooth restart Step 3: Now you can install "blueman", the graphical pairing tool. You can do this from the bodhi linux website at http://www.bodhilinux.com/a/blueman/ or sudo apt install blueman Step 4: You will probably need to reboot the PC to get this setup to work, I tried pairing a JBL mini speaker, it paired but it would not stream. So you can try the next part before rebooting, but you will probably need to reboot. To open the blueman pairing interface, use alt+esc or windows-key+spacebar to open the everything launcher, then type "blue" to see all the bluetooth stuff, one entry is "bluetooth assistant", choose that. Then follow the 6 steps. Device pairing varies by device, my speaker does not need a PIN code, it just pairs. Step 5: I was playing audio through Firefox, and the speaker that had correctly paired was not playing, audio was still through the PC speakers. So right click the speaker icon on your shelf, choosing "pulse mixer -> advanced" and this will open teh Efi Volume Control. You can then choose the Bluetooth device to send to from the program playing audio (NB! if nothing is playing, no audio channels are listed in the Efi program). Finsihed. If anyone else has a different method that worked for them I'd like to hear it because this is the first time I managed to get streaming BT audio to work. Also any corrections/differences? Post them here, please. If anyone who remembers their password to the wiki wants to post this there...?
  7. Improvements / Fixes for Bodhi 4.1.0

    Getting bluetooth to work "out of the box". I have failed at this before on Liinux, but I just now got it to work, so I'll make a post here on the forums because I have lost my wiki password and the password reset doesn't work (maybe I mentioned this before /s). There are more step than just installing blueman.
  8. How do I change volume step increment?

    I could live with this for a while if a fix was coming in an update, even in the next increment number of Bodhi. The audio appears to be working a lot better in 4.0 than it was in 3. I had problems before getting the sound to un-mute from the icon in the shelf. Works much better now. I'll give the Waiter's method a try when I get some time. Thanks for the answers
  9. Currently when I press the media keys on this PC the volume goes up or down in 10% increments. As these buttons on the PC have no tactile/haptic feedback, they are just little lights above the keyboard, and as they seem to be massively sensitive to touch, I am either racing to full volume in a fraction of a second or muting the audio.Headphones with this PC is therefore dangerous, as I risk deafening myself :/ Is there a way to change the %age step increment to a lower value? All the Ubuntu (Gnome) answers I get from a search say it is no longer possible but as ti now hardcoded value, although it used to be possible to change it in a conf file somewhere. Seems like it is controlled by the desktop manager/environment. Search results for Moksha/E17 seem to be non-existent, so it possible in Moksha to change this value?
  10. "I forgot password" to forum reset still not working

    So exactly where we are today. I honestly don't beleive risk assessment is a required part of fixing the mail server. How do all the other thousands of forums operate?
  11. "I forgot password" to forum reset still not working

    So how can I help fix it, assuming you know what the problem is caused by and have not fixed it in the 2+ years I've been trying to reset passwords? In fact, it's only now that I do some digging as a Bodhi user that any useful details emerge. It's kind of important imo, for many people the easiest way to contribute to a distro is to post on the forums, for many of those people it will only be now and again when help is needed or a problem surfaces, so passwords will be forgotten and need to be reset. OK, so we have bodhilinux.com and forums.bodhilinux.com on different IP addresses, forums.bodhilinux.com ( and www.bodhilinux.com ( And the forum is sending mail but not through a "known email server" which doesn't seem to me like it would stop mail being delivered, but also sounds like we know what the problem is, so let's fix it!
  12. "I forgot password" to forum reset still not working

    Did a quick check at http://mxtoolbox.com/to see if the smtp server is blacklisted in the hope I could help fix the issue. Results from simply typing blacklist: theIPaddy, assuming the smtp server is on the same server as the bodhilinux.com site. edit: also here's a similar result that includes a couple of warnings: http://www.dnsstuff.com/tools#dnsReport|type=domain&&value=bodhilinux.com This caught my eye: SMTP greeting Malformed greeting or no A records found matching banner text for following servers, and banner is not an address literal.RFC5321 requires one or the other (should not be a CNAME). If this is not set correctly, some mail platforms will reject or delay mail from you, and can cause hard to diagnose issues with deliverability. Mailserver details: | WARNING: The hostname in the SMTP greeting does not match the reverse DNS (PTR) record for your mail server. This probably won't cause any harm, but may be a technical violation ofRFC5321 | WARNING: The hostname in the SMTP greeting does not match the reverse DNS (PTR) record for your mail server. This probably won't cause any harm, but may be a technical violation ofRFC5321 and also this result titled "Checks that the mail server accepts mail to postmaster@ipaddress" which is a bit of a red flag if true, because it may mean that the mail server is not accepting mail , not that gmail, yahoomail, outlook etc are blocking mail from this doman, this is not the same as "postmaster@domain" which is working as expected. INFO Acceptance of address literals Mailserver rejected mail to address literals. Mailservers are technically required by RFC1123 section 5.2.17 to accept mail to domain literals (i.e. IP addresses instead of domains). This ensures backwards compatibility and can help with delivery in certain non-optimal situations, like a DNS server being down/unresponsive. | unexpected response to [RCPT TO: ] | 550 5.1.1 Recipient not found. | unexpected response to [RCPT TO: ] | 550 5.1.1 Recipient not found. @[]>@[]>@[]>@[]> result from mxtoolbox: Checking against 97 known blacklists... Listed 0 times with 0 timeouts Extra edit, went back to mx tools and did an smtp lookup on bodhilinux.com and got this result, which makes it look more like an smtp configuration problem, but although I have done limited dev-ops at work, I know jack poo about smtp. smtp:bodhilinux.com Monitor This smtp Unable to connect after 15 seconds. Test Result SMTP Connect Failed To Connect More Info Session Transcript: Connecting to 12/9/2016 1:17:09 PM Connection attempt #1 - Unable to connect after 15 seconds. [15.02 sec] PWS3v2 15095ms Edit 3: so then I made a free acount at MXtools to get more information and I got this page here (probably just the first paragraph is relevant): More Information About Smtp Connect We attempted a connection to your mail server on port 25 but your server did not respond. More than likely there is no email server at this address or you have a misconfigured firewall or spam filtering system. If the SMTP Connect test is unable to connect to your mail server after 15 seconds we will report it as an error. For optimal email deliverability it is advisable that SMTP connections should not take longer than 15 seconds. Firewall Information Here are the networks MxToolbox uses for SMTP Tests. Please add these to your firewall to avoid experiencing connection failures or false alerts. (Netmask: (Netmask:,, & Additional Information Tarpitting It is also possible your server is “Tar pitting.” Tar pitting is a technique used by some email servers to slow down spammers. The idea is that legitimate senders will wait longer to establish a connection than spammers will. Here is a link to a link to the TechNet article with more information about Tarpitting Back Pressure Our SMTP test cannot detect problems caused by Back Pressure, a system resource monitoring feature of the Microsoft Exchange Transport service. In order to be alerted for back pressure events you would need to add our end-to-end Mailflow Monitor for your server which can detect any type of email interruption and also provide historical performance data. Here's a link to the TechNet article with more information about back pressure.
  13. Idea: a conky fork suited for Moksha

    So, given that almost a year has passed since the start of this thread and no conky-like-module has emerged, I wanted to post my conkyrc file here for three reasons; i. The 4.0 release is using v1.10 of conky and that has an updated conkyrc syntax (lua) meaning that with the old syntax an error message displays on conky startup and also syntax conversion takes place as conky tries to convert the old to the new, and ii. to see if any of you can help me iron out a couple of config problems. iii. I styles conky to use a similar green to the revamped 4.0 Bodhi theme, I used #bad455 (badass!) and gold. So it fits quite nicely with a vanilla 4.0 install, although the bg color doesn't match because of laziness. Conf prob 1: I can not get transparncy to work. This is not critical, but would be nice. In another forum thread here, Jeff++ says I need the compositing module, but this module is not listed under modules. I'm thinking it isn't a module in that sense or use of the word 'module'? The line "own_window_argb_value = 255", well the documentation doesn't make clear to me if 255 is 100% opaque or 0% opaque, but I tried it both ways. Conf prob 2: Getting this message "(Not all processes could be identified, non-owned process info will not be shown, you would have to be root to see it all.)" because of this line in my rc file: ${execi 30 netstat -ept | grep ESTAB | awk '{print $9}' | cut -d: -f1 | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr} because for some TCP connections I apparently need to be root, but I don't know how to be root in an rc script (or if I even want to be). At least I think it is that line causing the message, I have observed that not all tcp connections show up in the display when I know that there is more activity than I am seeing. Typical output from this line is like: 4 1609/midori 1 1234/curl I think logging this "not all processes..." eventually causes conky to fail, because there are no other warnings or errors, and fail it does every time after about 10-20 mins. The "not all processes..." line gets output to terminal repeatedly. Dump from terminal added below. Suggestions on how to debug are welcome. Not really bug per se, but I'm also getting some flickering when conky updates. Seems to happen when Fortune gets a new quote. Any way to solve that? Here is conkyrc with the newer syntax: Terminal dump from when conky has a shit-fit: Do i get an award for longest ever single post on this forum?
  14. "I forgot password" to forum reset still not working

    @graywizard, I don't know what you said. @Jeff, I managed to remember my password to the forums eventually. I'll send that email though because I can't remember the password I have for the wiki pages.
  15. Looking for an alternative to ePad

    Thanks, I realised I had AbiWord installed on an old PC with Puppy on it, so I gave it a go and it seems alright. It opened instantly, really fast. I am on Bodhi 4 on the PC I want to use it on. If I get any flickering I 'll report it to the relevant authorities!