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  1. I've downloaded it as well and md5sum is the same. Thank you very much!
  2. Hi, As I want to do some tests with software versions from the Precise repos on my acer c720 chromebook, I'd like to boot a live session with the previous chromebook iso file (Bodhi Linux 2). I see that this file cannot be downloaded anymore, right? Can someone provide this image on the web (or just temporarily so that I can download it )? Many thanks.
  3. fsLoriX

    Can't change theme for new user

    As I already mentioned, the main problem that I put here had nothing to do with my 'copying home files' approach. It is the fact that a new user cannot apply another e-theme than the default (at least not the 2 extra themes that I installed: angelic and green-onix). I found that it had to do with the *.edj files in both bodhi theme packages: they have too restrictive read permissions. Below is my workaround after installing, but hopefully this can be solved on the repos: sudo chmod 644 /usr/share/elementary/themes/A-19*.edj Thanks for the hint on profiles. I had not considered that for my purpose and it is probably the preferred way to go in Bodhi. I cannot remember that I had problems with my 'copying home files approach' though, for several desktop managers including E17 and now also E19. I once learned something like that here (under - in the hands-on-guide 'Introduction to Linux' . Of course I more often do it for specific hidden program folders in the home directory, to copy specific software configs.
  4. fsLoriX

    Can't change theme for new user

    In the meantime, I have done a test with a brand new user. I added him with 'sudo adduser newuser1'. I log out and then log in to enlightenment as newuser1. Two things to mention here: the same problem exists as above when newuser1 wants to change its E19 theme. So this is not linked to copying contents of a home directory. I guess it is because of permissions to the themes somewhere (angelic and green-onix are installed, but see their preview only from my own account). when newuser1 logs out from enlightenment, the (chromebook acer C720) screen becomes black and the system seems frozen, at the moment when the lightdm login screen should appear. I cannot even get tty1 for example. I can just turn the computer off and start again. This behaviour does not occur for the previously mentioned new user that received a copy of my home directory.
  5. Hi, After adding a new user with 'adduser', I want to give this user my own settings. Therefore (after cleaning my chromium caches etc), I copied all files and folders (including hidden ones) from my home folder to the user's home folder and moved ownerships to the new user. Next I log in as the new user to change some extra things on the desktop; this all works fine. However, when I want to change the Bodhi theme (which now is the default): the theme chooser window shows the 3 installed themes, but the preview on the right is empty for all three; after selecting and applying a new theme, enlightenment seems to restart (black screen for one second) but the default theme remains and is again highlighted in the window; on the other hand, I can successfully change the GTK theme (in the application theme window). Any idea how to solve this?
  6. fsLoriX

    No sound over HDMI (Acer C720 chromebook)

    Thanks to both. Waiter, I have first tried the Bodhi way. Jeff's answer gave me the solution (thanks!), so I did not compare further. The tricky part (to me) was that the Playback screen is mostly empty: it is only populated when sound is being produced. At that moment I could switch to HDMI sound... with success. Perhaps somehow this can be adjusted in the future (being able to select active output at any time), but this may indeed be possible with the gnome solution.
  7. After succesfully installing Bodhi 3.0.0 on the Acer C720 chromebook, I tried to connect it to my TV screen through HDMI for playing movies etc. The graphical part of this was successful (using lxrandr to enable the external TV screen (HDMI), set it at desired resolution, and disable the chromebook screen). However, I get no sound over HDMI on the TV screen (I tried two different HDMI ports of the TV). In Pulse Mixer, both 'digital stereo (HDMI)' and 'analog stereo' are present; both are unmuted and with their volume set above 50%. So I still do get a sound from the chromebook itself but not from the TV boxes (which would be much better of course). Any clues about how to solve this?
  8. fsLoriX

    [Solved] Gigolo need additional dependencies?

    I can add that the same problem occurred with pcmanfm (when trying to open an sftp location). Installing the bodhi-filesharing package solved this issue.
  9. fsLoriX

    E19 Modules in the Bodhi 3.0.0 Repo

    Very happy to use E19 in Bodhi Linux 3, I am still looking for a way to get the modules DiskIO, Mem, Cpu and Net which I was so fond of in E17. Are there plans to incorporate them in the Bodhi Repos?