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  1. Screen setup Moksha module

    @Jeff: thanks for the info @Jazz: thanks for all the details. I think I will go for xrandr as I am not keen on changing xorg ... and I thought with the latest Linux versions, we were not supposed to work on xorg any more.
  2. Screen setup Moksha module

    Thanks to Jeff and aka Jazz for their answers. Just to be clear: till a few days ago Screen setup Moksha module worked without any problem. It's a bit disturbing to get something that worked, not working any more @Jeff: arandr is not ideal as it does not keep (i.e. "remember") the configuration. So one needs to generate a script (with xrandr commands) and to get this script to be ran at boot ... not very user friendly ... but I have done it before, and I will do it again ... as there is no other option. @aka Jazz: I don't have a nvidia card so no nvidia setup tool for me !
  3. Screen setup Moksha module

    Hi, The screen setup module although previously activated was de-activated (I suspect after an update). I reactivated the screen setup module, but it does not work ! When I run the module Moksha, Moksha restarts but there's no screen setup window. As I have a dual screen configuration, I need this module. In the mean time, I use Arandr ... but it's not ideal. Cheers, L@u
  4. Switching workspaces with dual monitors

    It seems the E default screen configuration tool is not available with Moksha anymore ! Down to using arandr again !
  5. apt upgrade and Moksha

    To be more precise full-upgrade is an alias to the historical and misleading named option dist-upgrade, for the command apt and aptitude. apt-get remains the only one using dist-upgrade.
  6. apt upgrade and Moksha

    Hi, For a change I am posting a question ... and the answer ! Yesterday, I did an upgrade of my system (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade): it all went well. This morning when I started my machine, and the session started, most of the modules did not start. After a bit of looking around (and restarting the session and the PC), I eventually thought about the update, and I checked whether there was still some packages to upgrade. And there was moksha on hold, I had to run sudo apt full-upgrade to get it through ... and now everything works again!
  7. libreoffice-pdfimport

    Thanks Charles : that did it ! I should have looked into the packages. ;-) To all of you who are looking into editing PDF files, LibreOffice is the easiest solution I found on Linux.
  8. libreoffice-pdfimport

    @Jeff, I understand that ... but how come we don't get it in the packaged LibreOffice when it is packaged in even in the latest version from LibreOffice website.
  9. libreoffice-pdfimport

    Hi, Today, I've tried to read (and edit) a PDF file with LibreOffice 5. On other distro, I have no problem doing so. With Bodhi, the file opens in writer with the text command (PDF version number and so on). I assumed the package libreoffice-pdfimport was missing, but if I try to install it, then all LibreOffice is removed ! Is there a solution for that ? Cheers, L@u
  10. PDF in Firefox = Geany

    Hi, There's a strange bug that I don't know how to fix. Sometimes when I open PDF with a link in Firefox, I am prompted with a windows to open the PDF file ... with Geany. If, instead of opening, I write the file to the disk and I open the file (from pcManFM and not from Firefox) then the PDF is opened with epdfview. This does not happen for all the PDF for some, I get epdfview as the choice to open. I can change the program from Geany to epefview but I can not check the box to make the change permanent. In Firefox preferences, in the Applications tab Portable Document Format (PDF) is set to preview in Firefox, but changing it to use epdfview did not change a thing ! I am ready to try any idea, as this is really annoying for me as I am using PDF a lot in particular for an ERP which is web based. Cheers, L@u
  11. Ecomorph and dual screen

    file generated by aRandR #!/bin/sh xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode 1920x1080 --pos 0x0 --rotate normal --output VIRTUAL1 --off --output DP1 --off --output VGA1 --mode 1280x1024_60.00 --pos 1920x0 --rotate normal I just realise that it is possible to get the same display manager as in 3.0 (and not use aRandR) by installing the module Settings- Screen Setup in the Settings tab of the modules (menu Settings=> Modules).
  12. Switching workspaces with dual monitors

    About the dual monitor issue: I just realise that it is possible to get the same display manager as in 3.0 by installing the module Settings- Screen Setup in the Settings tab of the modules (menu Settings=> Modules).
  13. LibreOffice vs mythes-XX

    No mention of LibreOffice v. 5 in LibreOffice wiki: it seems they haven't updated their info, recently ! As far as I am concerned the case is closed, I just wanted to point out, that adding some packages (and not only french, try adding mythes-en-us) will remove LibreOffice, when this is not what's asked. Have a good day, L@u
  14. LibreOffice vs mythes-XX

    I could not find anything on libreoffice.org. Cheers, L@u
  15. LibreOffice vs mythes-XX

    Hi, Another problem with LibreOffice ! If I try to install mythes-fr (the thesaurus in French) or mythes-en-us (the English thesaurus), apt wants to remove libreoffice package (which is a bit counter productive ... to say the least ). Any ideas on how to install a mythes package without removing libreoffice package ? Cheer, L@u