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    Some questions for a newbie developer.....

    thnx for your feedback fox, I'll get started as soon as possible.
  2. Greetings guys, This is a humble quest from a newbie programmer who fancies himself making apps for Bodhi OS someday....(If that makes you laugh pls have a go,but really I'm in school now ). So before I get going giving a bulletin of questions to you guys, I did ask from the basics first. Am I right that the Bodhi Linux uses Python as its base language,like C in Unix and C++ in Windows??? And where is the Appcentre Policy Page,Policies on making Apps for the Bodhi OS, and such policies.... I have already downloaded the Python Language 3.4.3 source codes and documentation, and maybe in future I'll start with Python, but after I finish C++. Also can anyone tell me how to directly make Apps for the Bodhi OS using C++,that could be nice and power some good things too. Thnx for reading, Regards, Avra Neel. PS:: That someone could be me....
  3. MISSION:: To get my Bodhi OS on a USB/Memory Card rather Than My Original Hard Drive Query::--I'll start with a quote.... Thats me speaking, and forget about that what I said b4, here's what I've done (pls see if my steps are correct)::-- 1)Made (with rufus) a usb installer,but my computer is 64bit, n d OS downloaded is 32bit...maybe my first problem. 2)Want to install the OS in my 8gb FAT32 memory card formatted it in FAT...two questions here... i)What is the overall size of the OS(bodhi) as i'll be only using that to access my system...that means it'll be the 'hard drive' of my so called new computer...And will I be able to install an IDE for only C++,some books on C++,and a Linux Compiler(pls i dont know any of such type thnx much helped) and VLC .The so called 'Hard Drive' will have the OS besides these....thnx ii)Is FAT the correct format type for Bodhi? If not then what is it? This is one gud headache(of the total 3, one being getting the installer to boot to the memory card n other is the above one). If I'm thinking right,then I'll have to totally unplug my current hard drive,get the SATA cable to the so called 'hard drive',load the installer n procede with glory....that's all I got from the post by cooler. Thnx for reading....all replies will be taken...pls do correct me if I'm wrong.... Regards, Avra Neel. P.S.::Downloading the 64bit version on progress.....
  4. Hmmm....that seems a little problem in there...I've a new CPU everythings fine in it but the hard disk is what i want removed....can I use in it?? Its fine except only the hard disk.... I know it might be stupid for you guys but....is there a way I can use tht usb drive as a bootloader n use another large size usb as a hard disk??pls tell this one is a new interesting one for me.... And of course, if I'm not disturbing you,pls give a detailed step-by-step one....I'm a total newbie to Linux OS(all of them). Mines HP with BIOS,intel core 2 duo,2.53GHz,2 gb ram,64 bit,186 gb hdd(which i want removed to try the OS for sometime...),dual core maybe....thats all
  5. Thnx again fox,I'm a newbie to Linux and thats just what I wanted to hear to get started...... And thats like the cherry in the cake...BTW does my computer run both OSes in live mode??(i think maybe it does) And I dont really want to waste my disk space(with only one drive(186gb) which hosts the Windows OS) so maybe I'll use a 8gb Memory card(i've 4gb usb which is all the backup i have n made) as a regular boot device to run Bodhi on my computer? Can you give detailed steps (How to do it),srry if I'm asking too much BTW...am exited to hear your post that I dont have to cleanup my hard disk.... I have a very old HP computer which has 2gb ram also....and in a year I will be getting a laptop on which I'll install Bodhi normally... Like I said I don't have money of my own nor my dad gonna spend money on me...so some steps is just what i need to get started (things like...first download this from trusted sites like sourceforge, then do these clicks and unclicks....n u get it maybe you already know fox). If need be then I'll start the process on my usb now but I want to get an assurance(srry no rude perspective) steps.. Thnx for your time guys.... Regards, Avra Neel.
  6. Thnx for the reply Sitting Fox... The things I did like(but first learn it myself) to do are:- 1)Linux Shell Programming(If that means tweaking with the linux commands/files/modules)(at the very end of my 'Advanced Routine') 2)Some graphics design on the computer(to make it one of a class dude!! ) 3)Making my own programs and running them with highest privileges(but not for any bad things just personal ones )(categories include--games,network,security,standalone/connected-to-other-home-comp. software,something cool maybe,I'll post about it later on some forum for each category) 4)Maybe general Linux programming at the start(like a Hello World.cpp thing...its the most basic thing you can make) If you want me to elaborate I can Fox..... I too have read about conky in some post before,can you explain whats its use/what it does??? Can you also elaborate on that? What is Enlightenment/Where do I find the original site?? And do I have to start with Python(and leave C++ which I am learning now) andif not then what are the 'right tools' that you speak of?? Just name them/give a link I will see for myself thnx . Yes,as much as I have read and heard from my previous topics I did get Synaptic right-- Its like the Playstore in Android or Apsstore in iOS . Thanks guys and especially fox for your time... Regards, Avra Neel.
  7. Yes I get this question right guys if I think so.. The question is ::-- DOES BODHI SUPPORT DUAL BOOT(ONE SYSTEM CARRYING TO OSes) WITH WINDOWS XP/Vista/7/OTHER? AND IF IT DOES IS THERE ANY ISSUES RELATED TO IT LIKE:- i)SECURITY OF MY FILES ii)HARDWARE CRASHING DUE TO DOUBLE STRESS iii)ANY OTHER ISSUE THAT I CAN'T THINK OF(AT THISMOMENT mind tht ) Pls answer guys I too could like to know about it...thnx
  8. So I won't dabble around guys straight to the questions::-- 1)Suppose I might want to not install Bodhi in my hard disk, suppose I wanna install it in a memory card or usb,so that whenever I switch on my computer and it displays the usual Bodhi OS(running from the usb/memory card),and in such a way that it doesnt harm my computer.... Actually,I have download v3.0(and not the legacy one) and want to see Bodhi on my current Windows 7 computer without harming/deleting the Windows OS as I bought the whole computer along with the OS from a vendor(and not the computer in a half part and the OS in the other half n install the OS on the comp.). If I,by installing the OS(Bodhi) directly on the computer with the Windows OS,by any chance loose the Windows one, I dont have neither to buy the Windows OS nor another computer to fall back upon (and that includes money too ). Is there a way that is possible or am I asking a very stupid question?? So that was the first question.Even if you guys don't reply to that then pls reply to this one its more general::-- 2)After one day of searching(maybe I looked at the wrong places or didn't bother too much) I haven't still found a link or article/discussion on ""HOW TO BOOT BODHI ON MY USB/MEMORY CARD"" or something like that. Maybe I should be more specific.By boot I mean a way to let my usb be a installer CD-ROM like thing for installing a OS(here its Bodhi).Thats the thing i want to know about and pls give me a link to it no need to answer it(I have downloaded the OS and am stuck at that step). Thanks for reading this post,and spending your time for helping a fella out.. Regards, Avra Neel. WARNING:: All types of views are open,gud ones,bad ones,bad ones with slangs too if u want(HIT ME!! :P )....
  9. You see, Code::Blocks has a 'plugin manager'(the normal u-kno-wht-u-read meaning) that allows 'plugins' like DoxyBlocks (some people will know if they have used codeblocks) to run and execute as per the user wish as a normal part of the overall program. Like that, is there such a facility for Bodhi,which being minimalist maybe offers a few tweaks and tricks in the OS. I don't mean any harm, I want a OS for my computer which allows me to tweak it the way I want it to be.Maybe Synaptic(idk that or Synapse) is the candidate, but how will I run it as a System app,like as a part of the OS.... Is it possible for Bodhi? Will doing anything like this harm the community at large(from future discussions or this one) and a individual due to his zealousness??..... I'm a newbie programmer,have completed basic C++ and want to start the advanced part,and maybe Linux Shell Programming too(idk that but I mean no harm to the owner of this OS),with Security n other stuff... Many thanks for your replies guys, Regards, Avra Neel. WARNING:: When I said I mean no harm, I really mean it as I don't know a lot of stuff (yet)......but as the saying goes //Learning is a Continuous Process....
  10. Hey guys I have downloaded the OS and something came to my mind today..... I mean ABSOLUTELY NO HARM and I'm just curious about it(the OS features)..... Is there any plugin manager in-built in the Bodhi which allows us to plugin software (like in Code::Blocks and Netbeans(maybe)) and run it like a normal system app.... I'm a avid software geek and I like to tweak with my computers so I was curious if any type of such feature exists at all in any OS.I know such a feature doesn't in Windows,and I don't know about Android as I haven't got one yet even though the first phone I bought got broke because of my tweaking.... I have an open mind,so please give all your views(good ones,bad ones,maybe even bad ones with some slangs)....but I want to know what I'm getting before I get my hands dirty(and be sure I WILL ).... Thnx, Regards, Avra Neel.