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  1. Norrolith

    Iconify and Bash question.

    Ah, is there a command to close the terminal to be run after that?
  2. Norrolith

    Iconify and Bash question.

    Okay so I am wanting to use a bash script to run a process. The problem is I don't want the terminal hanging around and closing the terminal kill the process. I was experimenting around and discovered Iconify seems to make it go away. I am guessing from the name though that it is now an Icon somewhere. So in short my question is, How can I make a script run without a terminal, or maybe Iconify the terminal. How would you approach this issue?
  3. Norrolith

    Network list not updating

    So I have installed Bodhi 3.0 on my laptop, dual boot with windows. But yesterday I was not able to get it to connect to my network. Clicking the netwrok icon on the Ibar tells me I am connected to the network. the symbols on the Ibar is an empty wedge. when ever I try to disconnect or connect to the other network (it's a dual band router) I get an error like this. Disconnect failure device disconnect failed. (32) the evice is not active. Trying to connect to a different one yields Connection failure Connection activation failed (32) device could not be found. Any ideas out there?