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  1. WICD question

    I was forced to use wicd to get wifi working and now it is fine except that wen I startup the wicd GUI stays on the screen and I would prefer to not have to delete it every time. Can anyone suggest a way to accomplish this? Thanks Sean
  2. local time wrong universal time correct

    I also have had lots of problems with the wrong time and TZ not working. I will try NTP.... Does anyone have updated information about this? Did NTP work for you? sean
  3. Problems with Libreoffice

    I am having same problem, I am in the middle of it. Uninstalling and reinstalling Libreoffice has not helped yet.
  4. Thanks Charles...tasks are back now. I didn't intentionally remove it sean
  5. Waiter, it looks like Tasks is still loaded....or are you referring to another menu? sean
  6. I used to have the open apps showing on the shelf if they were not active or 'minimized' but they have disappeared. How can I get them back? Sean
  7. Autologin

    Thanks Waiter ...didn't work... I had to reinstall...early days...no problem... sean
  8. Autologin

    I forgot to select autologin while installing 4.0 then searched the forums found an older post about post-install autologin, suggesting I launch lxdm... I tried, it wasn't installed so I installed it and then was asked to select one of two options...lxdm or another (I forget which)... I selected lxdm ..... then when I booted next time it went into terminal. In order to access Bodhi I had to select app recovery mode options during boot which worked via Debian.....but graphics are not quite right.... How do I undo this...whatever I have done accidentally? Or do I need to reinstall? I am no tekno-guru Many thanks Sean
  9. World map of members

    A while ago there was a world map of members. Does Bodhi Linux Forum still have this map..can someone point me to it please? I would also like to use this map technology for a Facebook group so if anyone can pass on any information about how to use the service etc I would appreciate this. Thanks sean
  10. Midori Images Distorted

    Screen 26 by 48 cm / 11 x 19 inches Images in Midori are distorted in Facebook and 'Tabs' in Midori. Can anyone suggest how to sort this? Thanks
  11. PCManFm not working

    It just started working again. I will post again here if it freezes again. sean
  12. PCManFm not working

    Anyone else finding PCmanFM non responsive at all? Justs started today Any solutions? Sean
  13. Font Color Pallet in LibreOffice

    Here is the screenshot...if I have added the attachment properly..... If not please explain how to add attachemnt ot post...doesn't seem obvious late at night here sean
  14. Font Color Pallet in LibreOffice

    Just trying to change font color, Jeff....sometimes ok sometimes black and no colors to select....Now I am in other distro so will take a screenshot later to show yo sean