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  1. Good news for anyone following this thread, zmike from the Enlightenment dev team has made a fix for this issue. He also identified that the problem only occurs if "raise on click" was enable for the window. So Middle Click + ALT was interpreted as a click, thus raising the window and overriding the mouse binding which sent the window lower. Until the fix is released in your distro, you can re-enable Window Lower by disabling "Click raises the window": Settings Panel -> Windows -> Window Focus -> Advanced -> Miscellaneous -> Uncheck "Click raises the window". Your mouse binding will now work! Cheers Doyle
  2. Thanks aka jazz, I've tried all the different container/zone/any combinations but they don't work. You've given me an idea though - I've now bound the middle click + ALT to shade toggle, and I'll use that until the bug is fixed. That way I can still click on the window and get it out of the way, so I can get to what's under it. So thanks!
  3. Thanks aka jazz, Good idea but no luck. Adding a new key binding doesn't populate the Action Params box. Interestingly, if I navigate to the existing key binding, it has "up" in the box. When creating a new one, the box is disabled though. And even doing *nix's cut/paste with the single finger, no luck for the mouse binding. It won't accept the paste. Meantime, I've created this: https://phab.enlightenment.org/T2364 Hopefully one of the devs will pick it up one day.
  4. Thanks @aka jazz and <-sef>. I've tried a bunch of different themes, including the default which I prefer, and I can't get it to work. The Action Parameters field is always disabled, and I wouldn't know what to put in it anyway! I can't read what's in the box in the screen shot, @aka jazz. Anyway, I might raise a bug with the devs on this one. Not a show stopper, but definitely nice to have. Now to see if I can ecomorph to work on E19 - thanks aka jazz!
  5. Thanks @aka jazz, Sorry but I forgot to mention that I tried each of the Action Contexts, including Container and Any. Also, the Action Params box is disabled for this mouse event. This has worked for me for years - it's in my muscle memory! I've also tried configuring with known working mouse bindings, such as Left Button + ALT, but no luck. My life will go on without it, but it's funny now I see how many times a day I was using this, now that it doesn't work. Thanks Doyle
  6. Hi all, For some years I've been running Bodhi 2.x with E17, and have bound the mouse Middle Button + Alt to Window:Actions Lower, so that I can ALT middle click on a window to send it down the stack. I've upgraded to Bodhi 3.0.0, E 0.19.4, and this binding is no longer working, on 2 different machines. I've tried binding the action to a number of mouse clicks, but to no avail. CTRL ALT DOWN still works to lower the window. Is anyone else experiencing this? Should I report this as a bug? Thanks Doyle