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  1. LKJ

    Introducing the Moksha Desktop

    LTNS. Just installed. Borrowed someone's logo (Duma's) and added Compton since I can't get Ecomorph working in VirtualBox.
  2. LKJ

    Forum being Slow Lately

    yep, thanks Charles.
  3. LKJ

    Forum being Slow Lately

    what's up with the forum btw. every time I try and post something I get an endless busy cursor and have to go to a different tab. it's been doing that for awhile now.
  4. LKJ

    3.0.0 Alpha Feedback

    nope. hence the second part of my response
  5. LKJ

    3.0.0 Alpha Feedback

    my time is fine unless I don't understand the question. then again I am running it as a guest in VirtualBox.
  6. LKJ

    3.0.0 Alpha Feedback

    okay thanks Jeff.
  7. LKJ

    3.0.0 Alpha Feedback

    Anyone know which themes work with E19? thanks.
  8. LKJ

    Share your desktop!

    welcome to Bodhi? I've been here a year longer than yourself
  9. LKJ

    Share your desktop!

    nice work. good to see you
  10. LKJ

    Minor issue with clock

    as it turns out, trying to move any gadget from the shelf using the menu choice "move to desktop" doesn't seem to work correctly.
  11. LKJ

    Minor issue with clock

    I'll see if I can post it as such.
  12. LKJ

    Minor issue with clock

    yes, on the alpha. It might have something to do with the fact I am running it as a guest in VB but none of the previous versions had the same issue. I'll see if I can figure out how to post a bug edit: it seems the reason I had the problem is because I "moved" the clock from the shelf to the desktop. I noticed when I did that although the clock was now on the desktop there was still one of the shelf. I closed it out and just added it as a gadget to the desktop and now it's fine.
  13. LKJ

    Minor issue with clock

    I put the clock module on the desktop to the bottom right as it looks in my screenshot in "Show Us Your Desktop". However, for whatever reason after restarting Bodhi it ends up very small at the top left of the screen. minor issue of course.
  14. LKJ

    Share your desktop!

    thanks much