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  1. I have my owcCloud desktop sync client set as one of my startup applications (Settings > Apps > Startup Applications). However, when the app launches at startup, it always asks for me to enter my password. I would like to be able to login automatically (default behavior, say, in Ubuntu 16.04). According to ownCloud's documenation this can be handled with `gnome-keyring` (which comes in version 3.18.3 on Bodhi 4.0.0). This sounds like a great idea, but I am lost when it comes to making Gnome Keyring or any other service to play nice with these credentials, as is, it seems, nearly every other person who has bother to post this concern in some searchable forum like this on the interwebs. So, I'm seeking the wisdom of the Bodhi community. PS, I'm not sure if my issue is related to this forum post from Bodhi 3. Even if I were sure of that, I know I'd be unsure about how to work with "trayer."
  2. Reuben

    Share your Desktop

    UPDATED, with thanks to Charles@Bodhi.
  3. Reuben

    Share your Desktop

    @Jeff, I started playing with Compton earlier today. I still haven't figured out how to make the daemon autostart properly.
  4. Reuben

    Share your Desktop

    I'm still working on matching the icon color (https://github.com/worron/ACYLS/issues/7). I also miss ecomorph right about now to handle translucency.
  5. Reuben

    Is there a way to make checkboxes visible?

    @gohlip, your solution worked. I am, however, currently experiencing a bit of separation anxiety from otherwise "matching" Moksha in my applications. Does anyone know if the lack of checkbox was a design choice? Or is it a bug/feature that could be amended? Should this be marked solved?
  6. Reuben

    Is there a way to make checkboxes visible?

    For example, the checkboxes to the right: Enable emoticons? Enable signature? Follow this topic? http://imgur.com/a/tQnSe
  7. Reuben

    Wallpapers for Bodhi by Vaidotas

    As of Thursday, December 22, 2016 at 17:28:17 UTC: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install bodhi-backgrounds-pack Throws: E: Unable to locate package bodhi-backgrounds-pack Was this package renamed, moved, discontinued?
  8. If it's a design decision, then I respect it. But is there a way to make checkboxes visible again, at least in the browser? I noticed them missing during 4.0.0 installation. Some checkboxes on some settings panels are visible with the Moksha Green theme, but definitely not in Midori or Firefox.
  9. Reuben

    Is there a way to confirm shut down?

    Thanks @Jeff, I set the Power Button to System Controls in Settings > Input > ACPI Bindings. However, the unit still shuts down instantaneously. None of the other options—that is Log Out, Power Off Now, Power Off [default], Reboot, Suspend Now, Suspend, Hibernate Now, Hibernate—seems like what I wanted either. I've been known to mistake easier instructions, but I'm pretty sure that I didn't mistake yours this time. After setting/reseting and testing several times with a mixture of "OK/Apply/Close" sequences in the Settings Panel, there was one instance when a "Yes/No" dialogue appeared, but that was as the system was shutting down and switched to the splash screen—I was powerless to stop it. I experienced similar results when I tried changing the setting to Suspend instead. What kind of behavior should I expect? I'm not sure if it's a mapping issue, a timing issue, a kernel issue, a user issue . . . ? Is there a setting somewhere for delay too? Is there a log of some kind somewhere I could read/share for insight? PS, @gogolink, I'm not fond of the xfce option. I avoid pressing the power button too, but I also know I'm human. The delete button is one reason I acquired a USB keyboard (so is the lack of a power button on said keyboard), but my Chromebook and it are not always in the same place.
  10. Currently, I can't map anything to the <search> key (i.e., Google's replacement for the <cap lock> key) on my ACER C740-C4PE running Bodhi 4.0.0. That is, Settings > Input > Key Bindings > Add/Modify does not seem to detect the key at all. I know from testing that Ubuntu 14.04 (since the behavior was the same in Bodhi 3.*) and 16.04 both detect this key as <Super> by default and use it to open the "Launch" menu. I'd like to be able to assign it to the Moksha "Quick Launcher" (formerly "Run Everything"). I can also see how it could make for a nice compose key. I have no idea how to implement this functionality, let alone how to do so in Bodhi/Moksha. My guess is that because it's not a "proper" <caps lock> key that it's not even detected by the system, but the kernel, Canonical, or both have a found a way to account for it. Any thoughts?
  11. The current behavior is that when I press the power button on my keyboard, my unit instantly powers down. The desired behavior is that when I press the power button (unless, I suppose, there were a way to distinguish between a short press and long-hold-and-press), I would be prompted with a confirmation script, even one as simple as "Are you sure?" I've been meaning to post about this, but I haven't remembered to bring it up the aftermath when I've accidentally pressed the power button in the past. I'm just grateful it hasn't happened to me lately. *fingers crossed* I guess depending on the user this is either a common courtesy or an obtrusive script. But it feels almost as elemental, if not more so, than being able to turn off a car while it's in drive—should it really be so easy? Like most Chromebook keyboards, the power button on my ACER C740-C4PE is directly above the <backspace> key. As a result, I have become increasingly cautious in my keystrokes since installing Bodhi. "Save early, save often" has become almost a mantra when I'm typing. However, this is one of those occasions that I actually I would like to be able to rely on my operating system to help protect me from myself.
  12. Reuben

    Bodhi Linux 3.2.0 Released

    3.2.0 got another video review over the weekend:
  13. Reuben


    @astroboy, It seems to me that you may want to install both packages in order to avoid the restart issue @the_waiter referenced in the earlier post. However, you don't necessarily NEED to install moksha-keyboard if you're happy with how your system works with moksha-keyboard-fix and you don't anticipate you'll experience said restart issue. It's up to you.