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  1. andrello

    binding a program to a keyboard shortcut.

    thanks guys!!!
  2. andrello

    Feature requests

    Yes, if you use "Dark" theme it is ok, but not with default "Radiance" theme. In the default "Radiance" theme the currently active application's tile in the taskbar is not highlighted.
  3. Hi.. I am a little bit confused.. I installed Exterminator from the AppCenter, and now I want to make a CTRL+ALT+DEL bind for it. I went to keyboard bindings and tried to make a bind for it, there is this example: [file:file.desktop|name:App Name|generic:Generic Name|exe:exename], example: file:terminology.desktop | file:/path/to/terminology.desktop | name:Terminology | generic:Terminal Emulator | exe:xterm So I did a bind for the next action: "file:/usr/share/applications/exterminator.desktop", but it does nothing. Where am I wrong? Should I also add "name:", "generic:" and "exe:" parts? Do "|"s mean "Or" or do they mean "And"? Thanks in advance for your kind words. Andrello.
  4. andrello


    y0.. Seems there are some good gammes under linux.. who wanna play some of it: http://live.linux-gamers.net/?s=games ??? Or we can play Xonotic FPS, or any other gamme.
  5. andrello

    Linux Newbies Help :D

  6. andrello

    Feature requests

    Jazz, yeah, i figured out the thing with mouse bindings for the corners of the screen, thanks. The problem is that when window is not maximized, it still will close the window. But anyways - this bug imho is usable, pleasant; it is a nice thing to have the ability to close any window, either maximized, either not; with clicking in the corner of the screen. Another thing I would like to address - minimizing animation for the windows. Let me explain. When someone has two or more windows of let's say, Midori opened, and the user wants to work in some of the windows. The butons with icons in the taskbar for the browser windows are the same, and in the default moksha theme no high-lighting for the active button exists, so user doesn't know which taskbar tile to click in order to minimize the current window. 1st: we need to do some kind of high-lighting of the active application tile in the taskbar. 2nd: if there is no highlighting of the application tile, at least animation of minimizing/maximizing the window must exist, so the user will see which window is he/she minimizing while clicking onto one of the application tiles in the taskbar. Personally I, got totally lost, and it was only with 2 windows of the browser. The system must not be a pretty but useless toy, it has to be suited for work, must be usable. I hope Bodhi Linux will be something like that. 3rd: relating all this new trend we can see in Chakra Linux, in Windows10, and soon, I bet, will see in Bodhi - all this dynamic search thing, and dynamic/minimized interface with only few settings available, this thing resembles blowing out soap-bubbles at a high speed. It is a nice thing when used in moderation - only where needed. MS, as I see, got totally enticed with it and Win10 as a system will suit only ADHD(Attention-deficit hyper-active disorder) people. Without this dynamic stuff you will not be OK, too, it is very good in some situations, so must not be omitted, though used in moderation. ~Peace. Aenooatsel' Andrello
  7. andrello

    Feature requests

    we have this Fav. applications list on the right-mouse button, would be cool to have ability to insert a divider, separator there. Or even a title for the apps group.
  8. andrello

    Quake 2 game

    Assel, yes, i would appreciate it.
  9. andrello

    Bodhi 3.2.0 TODO List

    Hi, Charles, hi, the_waiter, hi, Jeff.. Here i was sitting and thinking a bit..this is what came to my mind. In main system toolbar there are tiles/tabs of opened windows, when you click on the tile of active window, window will go minimized to the toolbar and previously active window, becomes active again, right? Very usable feature. The same principle we can apply to the virtual desktops gadget - when a user will click on a small rectangle of currently active desktop, the desktop will get "minimized", which means the focus will go to the desktop from which user arrived to the current one, and that previous desktop will become active. Neat? ~Best Aenooatsel' Andrello Tul'te Dmooh. -] Om Le A Yor Vaku Hum [-
  10. andrello

    Keyboard module fixed version

    no russian-phonetic and no ukrainian-phonetic, please add.
  11. andrello

    Bodhi 3.2.0 TODO List

    let's move the discussion to another thread.
  12. andrello

    Bodhi 3.2.0 TODO List

    2. Yes, but when I change the size of the toolbar, icons' size grows, too.. isn't it better to make icons' size fixed? To say honestly, this systray is kinda ugly, hehe. 4. Yes, "Above Everything" here, too, but when u r maximizing window left, it jumps beneath the toolbar.
  13. andrello

    Bodhi 3.2.0 TODO List

    2. the systray icons are just huge and take 1/2 of toolbar's area, and also the colour of the "ruler" with icons doesn't match the system's colour theme. https://www.enlightenment.org/ss/e-56f65915176fe1.39361193.png 3. thanks for the fix 4. when I do: "maximize window left", while the window is aligned to the left edge of the screen, it hides under the system toolbar(which is to the left of the screen edge), and it is undesirable. 5. sometimes, when I am copying text to clipboard, it won't get copied, the clipboard remains empty, and you need to go back to the original document with text being copied and click ctrl+c a few times again, until it catches. Thanks for fixes! ~Best wishes. Aenooatsel' Andrello Tul'te Dmooh -] Om Le A Yor Vaku Hum [-
  14. andrello

    Bodhi 3.2.0 TODO List

    1. The bug I will talk about is dragging since 2.4 times, and none had fixed it. It is a small thing, but anyways - after install from a liveCD the system should reboot automatically, but it just won't reboot. 2. Also, another thing - if you place main system toolbar not horisontally, but vertically(personally I love to use it in this mode), then it looks like it needs more work. 3. Keyboard still doesn't switch between installed languages, although the indicator with language switching menu is present. ~Best Aenooatsel' Andrello Tul'te Dmooh. -] Om Le A Yor Vaku Hum [-
  15. andrello

    Quake 2 game

    hehe.. Jamaica is cool.. i love reggi music I am from Toronto suburbs, it is written under the avatar here) Btw - I found q2 in synaptic, but: a)after installing it, I can not see it neither in the menu of installed software, neither under /usr/share/ the installation is about 6mb, (while full q2 is 400+) I guess if I would find q2 install, I would need to copy some data files from CD.. Any ideas?