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  1. Bodhi Linux with Virtualbox possible?

    Certainly can. The only thing I can think of, is that I always turn on the 3d graphics under video settings.
  2. wierd UI behaviour with eepDater

    I use the terminal, but I install for others. I have been using an app called ucaresystem-core for them.
  3. wierd UI behaviour with eepDater

    Will this fix a broken eepDater. When I run it, it goes through the motions but never updates anything. Should I start a new thread?
  4. Caliber Construction

    As someone with over 30 years in building construction, that is outstanding! I'm no mason, but I've knocked a lot of holes in walls that were 3 and 4 wreathes thick. Some made me very nervous! You might get a kick out of this Ylee... Last Year, they built a grociery store where I live. It was a brick exterior. My son works for the electric power company and he went out to hook up the power and get rid of the temporary Pole. While he was there, the masons were cuting out recently laid brick. My son asked the Job supervisor why they were removing brick. He said that they had taken some of the darker brick and on one wall used it to form an Indiana University Logo, on another wall they used it to form "2017". A while later the job supervisor caught my son staring at the building, and asked him if he found something else? The supervisor said it was faint enough, that it took a while to notice the artwork. Must of been some bored mason's!
  5. Save data

    If your using a live usb, and want to continue, then create one using unetbootin, and use the persistence option. Then, when you reboot, your settings will be saved. But there is limited storage with this method.
  6. Bigger menu text

    menu>settings>settings panel>Look>Fonts or in the everything launcher, search for fonts.
  7. Taskbar not showing up

    Install the engage module and add the stuff you need access there. It will auto hide, when a window covers it, but will pop out when you mouse to its location on the screen edge.
  8. Hello everyone!

  9. It is stable, but it is not windows. I broke dozen of installs learning it. The best way to learn is to use a live usb cd/dvd or virtual pc. That way you don't wreck your main install. Then when comfortable enough, do a clean install and use something like systemback to create restore points often, so if you make a mistake you can just restore it back.
  10. new wine is really niiiiiiice!!!!!!!

    Can I bring my pet weasel and fox?
  11. That depends on your hardware! You should probably google every package against your computers hardware specs, and see if you need them. Otherwise install systemback make a restore point, and remove them 1 by 1 and keep redoing it until you get it right. But first you need to google how to boot to the command line and run the necessary commands to restore your systemback, backup. This is the way you learn. or better yet install a virtual pc and install bodhi on it. Then you won't wreck your os past your experience to fix it. But you will have to learn about virtual pc's too. Your question has already been answered. all the packages installed on bodhi are required for operation on a wide array of hardware. It is not built to just run one persons hardware.
  12. Weekend Project

    That's commitment!
  13. Weekend Project

    Tha'ts funny, my wife said it looked like me!
  14. Weekend Project

    Thanks! It was fun!
  15. Weekend Project

    So my brother who is a self professed computer phobe, brought me an old laptop and asked if I could put Linux on it. He got himself involved in a project, and needs email, youtube, google, and office program. So, this is what I come up with... I hid all the setting and menus I could. Tried to find the simplest apps, and added systemback for a fail safe. I even created a profile, just in case. I wiped out all the mouse bindings, but left the key bindings so I could easily work on it if necessary. I added the artwork just because he's my brother (doubt he'll ever figure out how to change it). Also made a video so he won't forget how to run it. Thinking of a way to make a script that can sort files in /home, and move them to their proper subfolder. So when he downloads stuff he can find it.