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    Bodhi Linux for remote tutoring applications

    I love free software
  2. alsegno

    Bodhi Linux for remote tutoring applications

    Any ideas about trademark issues? Can I make Bodhi-based VM's available for free under the auspices of my company without violation? What about source distribution requirements -- do I satisfy the GPL by just pointing people to the Bodhi source or must i package my own? Any ideas for resources outside of the Bodhi project to answer some of this?
  3. Hi - I'm delivering remote training in various technologies and i've build a VM image based on Bodhi to support this. it has the necessary development environments set up, git, libraries, an editor that supports remote pair programming, basically a known environment for our students to work in. I like using Bodhi for this -- it's lightweight, not a huge VM download, all that. I'd like to make these images available to a wider audience as they may be useful to someone else. Here's my question -- is a fork and separate distro based on remote education appropriate? What licensing considerations do I have if I distribute just the virtualbox/vmware images? Anyone have any ideas on how best to approach this?