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  1. The waiter

    Hello everyone !

    Enjoy the speed and beauty of Bodhi Linux. Community is also the reason why to stay here Štefan
  2. The waiter

    Disable tap to click touchpad " SOLVED "

    Hello again synclient MaxTapTime=0 should do what you want. To make it permanent, create the personal launcher and add it to startup apps. I won't put here the all method. I dont know your skill. Feel free to ask here or look at the Bodhi wiki... Štefan
  3. The waiter

    Disable tap to click touchpad " SOLVED "

    No problem Norman. It was his condition. I just respect it
  4. The waiter

    Disable tap to click touchpad " SOLVED "

    Norman Pman does not want to install any solution with GUI. Gpointing-device-settings is app with Graphic User Interface. Anyway I had a solution for horizontal touchpad scrolling in the past. Pman, I think your solution should be using the xorg.conf setup or synclient. Sorry, no time for playing with it now. I hope this link could help https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Touchpad_Synaptics Štefan
  5. The waiter

    Full disk notification

    Hello guys After some background work with Moksha (not as much as Ylee), I found time to finish another Moksha feature. It is a part of places module which should be enabled by default. The trouble is, Moksha does not have any possibility to warn user, his partition has no enough free space. I also ask E devs which confirmed this info related to E. In case of lacking free space, Moksha can do unpredictable behavior and no one knows what is responsible. Anyway, the notification part you can find under Places settings dialog in Alert toolbox page. The feature is in Moksha dev repository in testing phase aimed to be a Bodhi Linux 5 feature. If you have another ideas to this, let me know. https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha/commits/dev Enjoy Stefan
  6. The waiter

    History of Enlightenment on Wikipedia

    Hello there 1. I believe there are bigger experts for E than me on this forum which will be more detailed in reply. Anyway, I have read a lot of user reviews and E was always the type of desktop which they like or hate. When I chose this distro in 2011, I switched from Windows and knew absolutely nothing about Linux. The switching was a real nightmare and I almost gave up. Fortunately a colleague of mine had some good experiences with Linux and helped me with this part. As far as desktop was concerned, I also struggled. Everything was different. Work with Windows, shelves, settings, modules, gadgets. Simply the new world. I don't know why but the design attracted me and I still got back and with method trial and error got used to it. After some times I tried different desktops liked LXDE, GNOME, UNITY, KDE. They are "more close" to people, indeed. But 3 of them was very heavy to suit my HW I had in my PCs. LXDE was and still is almost the same as E. Very lightweight and customizable but I consider it not as attractive as E. Choosing the desktop is a matter of choice. Best known distros like Ubuntu or Mint have their own DEs and some new users even do not know there are more desktops. They don't care. It is working fine. People are also lazy to get the Distribution bare as Bodhi Linux and install SW or play with set up. They want McDrive distros. Take and go... Maybe one day the E popularity will increase, because of masive Wayland support. We will see. 2. The E dev team is hugely involved in Tizen project (OS for TVs and Watches) by Samsung. Maybe there is you answer. Anyway I will follow this thread because your questions are interesting and great to discuss. Stefan
  7. The waiter

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    Thanx for the feedback again _bc Git pull the dev branch please and recompile. I placed the pcmanfm as default to the module init section instead of config. Now it should be OK. Enjoy Stefan
  8. The waiter

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    BTW: with your feedback I realized the removable devices are not prevent from opening EFM instead of default file manager which is defined inside the settings. In our case FileManFM. I had to make a hack. The code I will commit to the dev branch of moksha we are working on with Ylee these days. https://github.com/JeffHoogland/moksha/commits/dev
  9. The waiter

    Is there any tutorial to make a Theme for Moksha???

    Hmm, I did not know something like that does exist. Ylee, dont you have that copy?
  10. The waiter

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    OK. I had to try it for you No problems here with external USB devices. All working fine. Anyway, I have checked the code I modified, and it does not affect the device stuff... Maybe you need to install udisks. I have installed udisks, udisks2 and libudisks2-0. Give it a try Stefan As you can see both usb devices on the screen:
  11. The waiter

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    Thanx for the feedback I need to recheck the code. I changed a lot of code from fm for our purposes. Frankly, I dont use the devices on the desktop thus I did not test them. Now I am at home not feeling well, but let me have some time and will look at the code again what happens. Stefan PS: can places show your devices?
  12. The waiter

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    Do not forget to load the module "Desktop icons" under Files tab in module list.
  13. The waiter

    Mounted volume handling in Moksha

    You are wrong. Moksha is able to show desktop icons. I ressurected them and you can install the last moksha release at packages.bodhilinux.com in b4testing repo folder. You can also use the places-moksha module to control your devices on the screen.
  14. The waiter

    Python function to get theme icons

    Which theme had you problem with? I think I solved some icon troubles inside some edj themes.
  15. The waiter

    Menu icons disappeared

    Hello there This is a common issue which has been reported more times. The solution: Try deleting the folder ~ /.cache/efreet and restart moksha Be aware of the hidden folder! Good luck