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  1. eric52

    Solved!!! seeking new cheaper printer

    What a great story! Thanks guys.
  2. eric52

    Solved!!! seeking new cheaper printer

    Hey, graywizardlinux, you do live up to your name. Farm, personal vineyard (!), and just a dash of business. Sorry to hear of your printer problems; life is tough. To echo callipygous, get a B&W laser for serious work and a throw-away color inkjet for art. Every time I go to the local dump, there's a new batch of inkjets. I hardly ever see a laser under 20 years old.
  3. eric52

    iBar vs shelf

    These terms are frequently misused. The complete horizontal or vertical bar at the edge of the screen is properly called a "panel." The "taskbar" is a part of this that displays open apps. There are perhaps also a "systray," a "start menu," a "workplace switcher," a "load indicator," a "clock," etc. on the panel. A "dock" contains icons for launching frequently used apps. This hearkens back to OS-2 rather than Windows. A "shelf" is a new gizmo that can hold all sorts of junk; as it is usually hidden off-screen I would think "drawer" would be a better name, but maybe that's too 3D. I like the term "iBar." What does it mean?
  4. eric52

    an old but interesting source for linux users - Tux Mag

    Thanks. I'm kinda dated too.
  5. eric52

    2015 reflection and 2016 road map

    It's gonna be a great year! Enjoy it.
  6. eric52

    A bit early but...

    Jolly good!
  7. eric52

    Installing Bodhi on SSD ext2 or ext4?

    Journaling is a recovery feature that can save your butt. It's supposedly not a good idea for USB thumb drives due to a 50,000 write limit, but I've never managed to hang on to a thumb drive for very long. Your SSD will last much longer, mostly because it's bigger and harder to misplace.
  8. eric52

    just ordered a refurb thinkpad x201 for Bodhi

    Welcome. Often the BIOS is not set up to boot a USB drive, although it usually will boot from a CD before a hard drive (not in your case). To change the boot sequence there will be an option on the POST screen as the machine starts up. Press F2 or Del or whatever it wants to enter setup. Once in the usually text mode BIOS screens find the boot sequence and change it to boot a USB drive before the hard drive. Be sure to save when exiting setup. The computer should reboot automatically with the changes in effect. As Jeff mentioned, the USB drive must be bootable. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  9. eric52

    Can't install GRUB on GPT HDD (UEFI boot)

    I don't believe Grub kens GPT and needs to tricked with a small partition it can recognize and work with.
  10. eric52

    Escuelas Linux nominated to UNESCO Prize

    This is significant recognition for an important project that showcases the very best merits that Escuelas, Bodhi and Linux in general have to offer the world.
  11. eric52

    Remove the Templates folder

    Ahhh ... a principled person. I am unprincipled, and very happy when things work at all. If I ever get good at this, I may develop principles. Already I don't like systemd on principle, even if I don't understand it. See? I'm learning!
  12. eric52

    Remove the Templates folder

    I think it's a file manager thing, Elw3. I don't do repetitive stuff much, so I can't remember the last time I used it. In fact, I think I just checked it out once. Its presence has never bothered me. Should it?
  13. eric52

    Google Ending 32-bit Chrome Support

    I hear ChromeOS takes up about 4GB and allocates reserved storage space. I think Chromebooks are all small SSD, which is foreign to me. Folks are setting up dual boots with various smaller OS's, so it looks promising. Ultimately, we'll all be working in 64 bit, so there's really no sense in putting it off. You'll still have you current system, Old Soul, so why not take a walk on the wild side? I think you can count on Google supporting ChromeOS. Do you keep your work on the cloud?
  14. eric52

    Safety Double Check for Power Off

    Old Soul, someone else shares you frustration and figured out a solution: http://askubuntu.com/questions/642417/unable-to-disable-power-button-ubuntu-14-04-2-running-xfce-4-10
  15. eric52

    assembly language?

    Far flippin' out, waiter! That was terrific synth/graphics stuff. I had a Tandy Color Computer and pulled off a few effects - a few more once I got a floppy drive for it. I recognize the trig torus and a few others, but I never managed anything like that. You were giving Compiz a run for its money. Truly amazing. Thanks for the show!