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  1. Linux on Lennox

    had some issues and also could not find the pic in my files. maybe i deleted it..do not know...
  2. Linux on Lennox

    trout mask replica
  3. Linux on Lennox

    you could always try the residents or capt. beefheart!
  4. Linux on Lennox

    nice stefan! some of the old speakers have a warmth that others just don't. kind of like the old tube mac amps.
  5. Linux on Lennox

    now some selfi keita..... loud....what a groove.
  6. Linux on Lennox

    well - figured i'd play a bit of word games this am. cold and fire going in the stove. making sub rolls and apple pie and pizza and other stuff. having some wine too. just love annie lennox - her medusa CD is so freakin hot. what a voice. one hell of a voice and i am not exaggerating..... enjoy the day and check her out. p.s. listening on my canton karat speakers are the ultimate......
  7. Submenus missing after software installation

    that is fine. i had to ask because one choice is ossible but what happens if one needs other possible aspects. thanks man! :-)))))
  8. Submenus missing after software installation

    Stefan - why the choices and what does it actually do? also what happens if you have apps from various/more than one choice in the list - then what? Thanks.
  9. Unable to set font sizes

    heads up: a joke:::: i thought scaling was how much heavier i was after drinking a bottle of wine or my porter than before i drank it....
  10. Unable to set font sizes

    i was waiting for you to comment...not being nasty - just that you catch certain aspects of linux an raise some seriously good questions. way to go birdmun
  11. Unable to set font sizes

    thanks Kev - i like a specific font generally. so i was asking. may leave it as is since i am ok with the default whatever one it is. :-))))
  12. Unable to set font sizes

    duhhhh.... ok it seems to work. what font does that control re: total system-wide font or what? like menus? etc?
  13. Unable to set font sizes

    Kev - i could not do it either when i checked. strange....
  14. wierd UI behaviour with eepDater

    i have stayed with the terminal and it seems to work fine that way.
  15. wierd UI behaviour with eepDater

    i have a question re: eepdater. when i installed the new bodhi the last year eepdater would freeze all the time and never finish updating. was told by charle's to do the apt-get update and also dist-upgrade via terminal. so is it fixed now? or why are people using eepdater if it is still broken?