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  1. RetroArch

    Name: RetroArch Homepage: http://www.libretro.com/index.php/retroarch-2/ Requested Version: 1.3.6 or any version that works Package Source: https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch Debian Source: [Edit] I forgot. If possible please also provide 32 bit installer because I want to put it on Bodhi Legacy Thanks
  2. Hi, just a few days ago I made a post asking about which version of Bodhi to install on my HP mini. Charles pointed me to Legacy iso. So I downloaded it, and I finally installed Bodhi. Now, I'm not stranger with Bodhi Linux. Few years ago, when Bodhi was still version 1.8 I used it on my main PC. I remember it was blazing fast. That's one reason why I tried Bodhi again on this dated netbook. But boy, how surprised I am. On HP mini, Bodhi is fast. Very fast despite the low processing power that machine has. It's faster that Crunchbang Linux (debian + openbox) and Linux Mint + mate desktop. Every click feels responsive, applications start faster. And the theme looks a lot better than it used to. First time I boot into live CD, i decided to look into e-pad. The text editor replacing leafpad, the old default. Back then, when I stopped using Bodhi, the programmer had just released it's first code. I downloaded back then and gave it a try. The difference in what I saw back then with what's in Bodhi right now is amazing. Over the time e-pad has grown into a good text editor. Another surprising improvement is online installer. It just works with Midori browser. I installed synaptic right away, installer just asked for password and after some time synaptic is installed without any hassle. Wifi (Broadcom 4312) is as usual doesn't work ootb. No distro does. But simply install 3 packages using synaptic fixes it. I haven't tried it for long. But so far I am impressed by how far Bodhi Linux has come since last time I use it. I am sure Bodhi will stay on that machine for a long time, if not forever. Thanks for keeping this amazing Distro alive. You, all the team, are the best Linux community I've every have the pleasure to interact with. From a long lost user that finally find his way back home
  3. Really? Wow. I do remember Duma. But rarely interact with him. You're right. I've been away too long. Gotta catch up
  4. Thanks Charles, gohlip Hey, I remember you gohlip. Your indonesian is quite good. It usually said Selamat Datang Kembali (selamat datang = welcome, kembali = back/return/again). I also remember Ylee. Ylee is the art guy here right? We rarely interact since I usually in support sub-forum and he's there in art sub-forum It feels like coming home, welcomed by old friends. Thanks for the advice Charles. Will download it and install it
  5. Hi, it's been a long time since last time I was here. Some of you might remember me Well, I still remember Charles and of course Jeff, and the girlfriend (now the wife) I switch from Bodhi to Ubuntu when Bodhi was just turn to 1.9. That was a very rough transition, I faced a lot ot bugs that made me had to delete .e folder every two days and reconfigure my desktop. After doing it 3-4 times I decided I better use something else that allowed me to do my work instead. That wasn't an easy decision. I love Bodhi 1.8. It's fast, responsive and functional. And even more, I love people in this forum. You are positive, friendly and helpful. First time using other distro I missed everything launcher so much I created my own similar tool using Lazarus. Being away for so long I missed many things. I just find out there was a time where Jeff wasn't part of Bodhi. Something that I find very surprising since he is the father of this distro. I am also surprised that Bodhi decided to fork Enlightenment and named it Moksha. Apparently many things happen while I'm away. Luckily, you seem to stay strong, and getting better at what you do and I am impressed and respect that. Now since I lost touch with Bodhi, I would like to ask a question. I have an old netbook, a HP mini. It's not powerful. Intel Atom (obviously 32 bit processor), 1GB RAM. It is currently running Crunchbang linux. Openbox feels unresponsive. Delay between click and something happening is kinda long. I consider changing it's OS. I was thinking, perhaps Bodhi would fit my need. I wouldn't use this machine for heavy work. I'm not gonna put LibreOffice or Inkscape/Gimp. This netbook will be used mainly to play watching movies, browsing internet or play some old games. Something like dosbox or 2d games/emulator. It should be enough. What I expect from Bodhi is simply desktop that feels responsive. And I really think Bodhi can provide it. Therefore I'd like to ask you, which version of Bodhi I should download? Thank you in advance. And again, it's nice to see you all going well
  6. How to find directories in file system

    I usually just use "whereis" in cli ex: if I want to find out where is firefox, I open terminal and run : whereis firefox it will return location of firefox
  7. Slow response

    Try disable composite
  8. How Do I Add Another Language To Bodhi???

    I rarely use it, but I know you can have ibus showed at systray and click it or set a shortcut to change language
  9. Thanks for the concern. It's not affecting us here much more than some heavy rains. Btw you can also access software source via synaptic from menu Settings -> Repositories
  10. when tbradbeer said 'the software is in repo', it's actually pretty simple. If you can find the software you want in synaptic, IT IS in repo You can almost say if you only use synaptic to install apps, very few can go wrong about it. So try synaptic version first, if you want a newer version then you can try installing other version If you want newer version, or want to install an app not in repo, I suggest you download anything that is released for ubuntu 12.04 This is safe enough to avoid conflict with other package I guess. So far by doing so I never had any conflict yet If you really have to, you can always download the source code and compile it. If a package is listed without bit info (32/64), it is most likely in 32 bit since 64 bit os can run 32 bit application Don't worry, synaptic will pull the right version for you. PPA is like an additional repo, but in many cases PPA is not working very well on Bodhi and can cause package conflict That's why you are advised to avoid using PPA. I had many bad experiences with PPA that I now avoid them like a plague
  11. Try 'connect to hidden network' menu from tray icon and type in your wifi network name and provide wifi password it you can connect via it, that means your driver is fine if that's the case, then I suggest you disable IPv6 by editing file /etc/sysctl.conf and add following lines at bottom net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6 = 1 net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6 = 1 net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6 = 1 My bodhi can finally see available network after I disable IPv6
  12. Bodhi 2.x.y Software Request Thread

    Hi Jeff, can you please update Lazarus? The one in Ubuntu repo is quite dated (ver 0.9.30), while newer one is 1.0.12 and have some functions that aren't available in old version Thanks
  13. [SOLVED] Try to install Chrome, got error

    Thanks Rohit. After other suggestion doesn't work, I extract deb file and copy opt folder to /opt, and then chmod 4755 chrome-sandbox. After that chrome runs perfectly Nice
  14. [SOLVED] Try to install Chrome, got error

    I downloaded debian/ubuntu 32 bit deb installer. I don't see any selection for ubuntu version.