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    weird possible virus

    I got my wife a small acer aspire netbook D270 mostly for email, word process and internet radio several years ago and managed to load it with bodhi 2. I was not a linux user and remain a pathetic novice. But we managed to get it set up to her liking and bodhi has run beautifully since. She is very neat and habitual and she powered off as always last night. In the morning the computer was on, very weird, and it was a black screen full of letters with a recurring phrase to the effect of malfunction due to virus. She tried to get it to turn it off with the power button but when it didn't respond she finally unplugged it. When the battery ran out it shut down. I plugged it in powered on and all worked as normal opening to bodhi. Should I run a test of some kind? Is there an anti-virus software package that will install on bodhi 2? Or should I assume that whatever happened failed?