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  1. nathanson1947

    Xombrero Web Browswr

    Name: Xombrero Homepage: https://github.com/conformal/xombrero Requested Version: 2:1.6.4-3vanir1~14.04 Package Source: https://github.com/conformal/xombrero Debian Source: https://launchpad.net/~unit193/+archive/ubuntu/xombrero
  2. nathanson1947

    Printer not printing from Bodhi Linux

    I have been having trouble getting anything to print from Bodhi Linux. The printer shows a "Receiving Data" message, but then does not print. I managed to save an error report at http://pastebin.com/3NvuqLCV , in case someone there can figure out what has been going wrong.
  3. nathanson1947

    Screenshots won't save

    I seem to be unable to save any screenshots. When I try to save a screenshot, I usually get an error message like the following: The above, incidentally, is the only screenshot that I've managed to save sucessfully.
  4. nathanson1947

    stellarium not working

    I tried launching Stellarium from the command line, but the screen remained white although the menus showed up. I wanted to take a screenshot, despite the fact that almost any screenshot I've tried to take ended up with the error message similar to this. This is the only successful screenshot that I ever got with Bodhi Linux. The command window was still open when I tried to take a screenshot, and these were the messages that showed up on the command window: OpenGl error detected at “drawWindow() start” : “GL_INVALID_FRAMEBUFFER_OPERATION” Unloaded plugin “TimeZoneConfiguration” . Unloaded plugin “SolarSystemEditor” . Unloaded plugin “Satellites” . Unloaded plugin “Oculars” .
  5. nathanson1947

    stellarium not working

    I went to the following site: https://launchpad.net/stellarium/0.12/0.12.1 and I managed to download the tar.gz file. Now how does one install the file in Bodhi Linux?
  6. nathanson1947

    stellarium not working

    This computer has a dual boot system. It can either boot into Bodhi Linux 3.2 or else into Windows XP Professional. In Windows XP, Stellarium 0.12.1 runs with no problem. Perhaps the computer graphics card can not handle Stellarium 0.12.4. So where can one find the Stellarium 0.12.1 that would work on my computer in Bodhi Linux?
  7. nathanson1947

    stellarium not working

    This should supply the required information.
  8. nathanson1947

    stellarium not working

    I installed Stellarium 0.12.4 through the AppCenter. When I turn it on, I can see all the menus, but I see a blank screen instead of the night sky. Does anyone reading this know what software I am missing? Thank you.
  9. nathanson1947

    Getting Flash to work in Bodhi Linux 3 .1.1

    Thank you both for your help.BodhiLinux is now much more functional for me.
  10. I have just installed Bodhi Linux, and I have noticed that any site requiring flash do not work. All that I was able to find out was that I was supposed to type the following command "$ sudo apt-get install bodhi-online-media" But I have no clue even where I am supposed to type this command. Can anyone help me with this. I have only being trying to use Linux for the past few days.