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  1. Belikewater

    DVD won't play

    Not sure if this is useful? http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/13522-dvd-wont-play/?hl=%2Bdvd+%2Bwont+%2Bplay sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh
  2. Belikewater

    Where is on Bodhi Linux the terminal for Commands?

    I always use Run everything. Its very quick and straight to the point.
  3. Belikewater


    Nice Amida avatar. I have been using Chromium since Jeff pointed out it was opensource on the forum. Its been super smooth.
  4. Belikewater


    It crashes on my old Toshiba c655
  5. Belikewater

    well - been one strange year!!!! good and mostly bad...

    When life beats us down at least we can always fall into the loving arms of Bodhi Linux. Im a gardener myself, but I wish i could have more time to work on it, plus I only have a limited space. Down trees are very tiresome to deal with. Wish you the best of luck. I have been struggling hard to get some knowledge down with tech support to find a career and after all blood sweat and tears finally found something and will be starting it at end of month. Hard work goes long way but it can beat us down especially when dealing with other issues such as health.
  6. Belikewater

    how make Zyxel G-270S work?

    yea see [ 1154.205747] ndiswrapper (check_nt_hdr:141): kernel is 64-bit, but Windows driver is not 64-bit;bad magic: 010B We want only good magic, spells, incantations
  7. Belikewater

    how make Zyxel G-270S work?

    Did you use .exe or zip to extract ndiswrapper?
  8. Belikewater

    how make Zyxel G-270S work?

    Guten Tag! Have you installed winxp driver? It looks like you need winxp and then set up Ndiswrapper per this ubuntu support article. You can follow this document for Ndiswrapper This article gives basic set up for wireless card install using Windows drivers.
  9. Belikewater

    Hello, Bodhi Fans

    Words spoken about the Way have no taste. When looked at, there’s not enough to see. When listened to, there’s not enough to hear. When used, it is never exhausted. [Tao Te Ching chapter 35] Had to respond with all of the pure land and zen talk PureLand is a good name for it. I am a beginner so I am currently learning Java. I am slowly understanding more and more as I go.
  10. Belikewater

    Share your Desktop

    Nice! cmon get rid of Windows
  11. Belikewater

    linux compatible wife routers

    not sure about the tech support. I have this router and works fine with Linux.
  12. Belikewater

    linux compatible wife routers

    Linksys WRT54G is pretty legit.
  13. Not sure about the Chrome issue. Have you tried clearing out browsing data?
  14. Belikewater

    cant use file manager

    Synaptic Package Manager that graywizard pointed to is a good tool for applications. You can download it from the appcenter You can also use the terminal and for many applications you can use sudo apt-get install ___________ where ___________ is the name of the program such as sudo apt-get install libreoffice Bodhi is pretty simple. I hope you and your son enjoy it
  15. Belikewater

    Strange desktop and keyboard issues

    I never really knew about the text based browsers. I tried lynx out in terminal. That is pretty cool! I think your right the home page for the keyboard was Yahoo, so lots of flash, ads, photos. Its my wifes computer. So far seems cleared up. I like the concept of text based browsers. I read some articles today through lynx