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  1. Settling down with Bodhi

    Hello newhere, Welcome to forum. I do read open source for you. But not sure how they choose the distro for every edition. I am yet to start contributing. Hope you are enjoying bodhi linux
  2. Settling down with Bodhi

  3. Settling down with Bodhi

  4. How do you get good at Linux?

    I started my career as firmware developer, which basically revolves around Embeddded C. Soon after i was smitten by Linux. My first Laptop came with Ubuntu 12.04 by default. I started enjoying linux for its speed, i changed to many different distros, got bored of customizing each distro. Then started looking under hood what really happens at Low level, at the same i got the job opportunity of writing application for linux file systems. This is how i started with Linux.
  5. is lsb_release displays inaccurate response?

    I was surprised to see the below change. Distributor ID: Ubuntu Description: Bodhi Linux Release: 14.04 Codename: trusty Description has been changed to Bodhi Linux Not Ubuntu. I never expected such a fast response. Thank you.
  6. Settling down with Bodhi

    Jeff i am going through enlightenment docs, they have really good start up material. But is it possible to make the similar guide to start up moksha? I mean at least what's the exact plan you people have for Moksha? It will take time initially to cover the basics then get started with development. But if you have solid start up guide, it would be bit helpful for novice. what's your opinion? Regards, Vijay Hiremath
  7. Settling down with Bodhi

    Hello jeff, I am good to go with open issues. If you feel I should start with clean up code I am happy to do that. I need bit help in setting up the git repository. And regarding starting with Python I will work parallel. Let me know how will I get to do list or open issues. Whatever you feel appropriate! Regards, Vijay Hiremath
  8. nexus 7

    Hello Jeff, I know Bodhi is not supporting Arm, But there might be some way to port Bodhi to arm. As you have already created an image for Nexus 7. If you could guide me or give me an outline, I could start working on it. The reason behind above decision is: After Andriod lollipop update Nexus 7 2012 has become useless. The worst way to kill a product is to make it slow and after some days it dies automatically. According to wikipedia Google has sold more than 7 million units of nexus 7. And most of them are facing same issues complaining about the sluggish performance(you can check G+ forum or official nexus 7 forum). if we can give them one solid performing OS i feel half of them will use their tablet instead of scrapping it. in other words we can bring half of them to Bodhi. What i want to do is: 3.4 kernel is ported to nexus 7, http://forum.xda-developers.com/nexus-7/orig-development/wip-linux-tegra-nv-3-4-bringup-t3128195 Or we can take Ubuntu Venilla kernel and compile for armhf(as Bodhi uses ubuntu as base) https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/ARMKernelCrossCompile On top of it run the X11 display server and on top of it Bodhi(Moksha) DE. from above mentioned method is it possible to port it to nexus 7? I am not an expert at porting with little knowledge i have with systems i have sketched above solution. Kindly correct me if my understanding is wrong. Thanks And Regards, Vijay Hiremath
  9. Settling down with Bodhi

    Thank you all for your warm welcome messages. @Jeff, I am proficient at C and decent at c++ and assembly. Basically i am a system programmer. I don't have much idea about python, but i would love to learn it. Kindly guide me, how do i get started with bodhi! Regards, Vijay Hiremath
  10. nexus 7

    Hello Randy, Thank you for the link. Can we update to latest 3.2.0 on nexus 7? Any way to do it? Regards, Vijay Hiremath
  11. nexus 7

    Hello Randy, Even I have Nexus 7 2012 and love to install bodhi on it. Could you please guide me the link or procedure to flash Bodhi on Nexus 7! And also where did you get the build? Thanks in advance! Regards, Vijay Hiremath
  12. is lsb_release displays inaccurate response?

    Hello Charles, what are the dependencies? There must be a way to change! I have seen other distributions based on ubuntu can display their versions and names according to their releases. I hope even Bodhi Can do it. If you can provide me how to start changing configuration or how to start with Bodhi. i Can fix this. Regards, Vijay Hiremath
  13. Hello All, why does lsb_realese -a command shows Distributor ID as UBUNTU and Code name: Trusty If i am not wrong It should Be: Distributor ID : Bodhi Release : 3.2.0 Is my understanding correct? Regards, Vijay Hiremath
  14. Settling down with Bodhi

    Hello There, I am Vijay from India. I am not new to linux but definitely a newbie for Bodhi. I have tried almost all the well known(according to distrowatch) distros, but non of them were suiting my requirement. Either they were too bare bone(Arch) or bloated(Linux Mint) with unnecessary software(according to my requirement) My requirements were pretty simple editor(Vim), gcc and some libraries. I wanted stable and fast system environment. Bodhi exactly fits in my requirements. I love the way it works , there is no log in opening the apps. there are useful features like shades, shell(still i am exploring). but in little use Bodhi impressed me a lot. I would like to thank all the Bodhi community members who made such an awesome product. I would not only like to use bodhi linux but love to contribute to it. Kindly guide me how do i start with Bodhi Linux? Thanks In advance. Regards, Vijay Hiremath