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    You're a star! Many thanks
  2. Naught


    Did I make some error in my request, or is PPA the way to go? The version in Ubuntu repos is really dated.
  3. Naught


    Name: FontForge Homepage: https://fontforge.github.io/en-US/ Requested Version: 20170731-0ubuntu1~xenial Package Source: http://fontforge.github.io/en-US/downloads/gnulinux-dl/
  4. Wallpaper works fine, thx.
  5. Thanks I'll give this a try <Edit> It installed just fine, look is good, some functionality is missing (e.g. click on shelf does not bring up shelf menu, need to click on gadgets & choose shelf instead) but that I can live with. Gadget Icons are as I want them but all others (menu etc) seem to default to Faenza, original in 2.4.0 is "ReMix". No matter, I'll live with this as well. Thanks for the time and effort you put in to help me.
  6. That would be fine, could you separate the icon set as well? Thx.
  7. Thanks but I already installed and tried that version. Not the same as the "Agust 2.4.0 bodhi modified version". Icons different, wallpaper different/unavailable (where the one on screen-shot was theme default).
  8. Name: A-detour-Bodhi Homepage: unknown Requested Version: dtrs 0.0.1 (as per "Enlightenment->About Theme" in Bodhi 2.4.0) Package Source: unknown Debian Source: unknown Screenshot for "look" reference:
  9. Naught

    Gadgets keep rearranging themselves on Shelf.

    Seems like a simple enough band-aid, I will try that thanks
  10. Hi, migrated from 3.2 to 4.3.1 last weekend on HP EB folio 1040 G3. Almost everything worked well ootb and what didn't was easily configured to do so (key bindings to fn buttons) I am however having some trouble with the gadgets & systray rearranging themselves spontaneously on the default shelf. Is there some way to "lock" them into position other than "Stop Moving Gadgets"? (And just to be clear, I have not left "Begin Moving Gadgets" active when this happens ) One second they are as I arranged them (from right going left; System, Clock, Battery, Temp, Mixer, Pager, Clipboard, Systray) then some time while working I look up and they are arranged differently. They don't revert to the same rearranged order but seem to end up in some random order. I don't know what causes the shelf to act in this manner and I can't seem to provoke it to happen. I know this info is not really helpful in a debug scenario but perhaps someone has encountered this before and come up with (probably) an obvious solution that I've missed. Thx.
  11. Naught

    "e"Apps cause keyboard click sound

    Aha, a feature! One might consider having this muted by default? Works Lo and behold, there is a "Render" tab in elementary_config as well where chosing OpenGL solved my previous video tearing problem.
  12. Curious thing I noticed with "e"Applications Bodhi 3.2 on my test Elitebook 8760w. Text or rather, keystrokes entered into any "e"App (eSudo, Ephoto, ePad, etc) sends a click sound to the speakers on every key depression. Mostly noticeable on high volume settings on built in speakers, but loud at even moderate settings when using headphones. This does not happen with non e-type apps. So far I have only tested Bodhi 3.2 for this on a few computers, (live USB except for the 8760w where 3.2 is installed proper): HP Elitebook 8760w, HP Probook 6550b, Toshiba Portege Z30, and Samsung NP900X all exhibit the same phenomenon.
  13. Thanks, I'll give compton a try.
  14. The system I'm testing B3.2 on is an HP Elitebook 8760W with an NVIDIA Quadro 5010M 4GB, quite capable graphics card. I only use laptops these days, so not always possible to change gfx cards. I don't "live" with tearing, the tearing only happens with software rendering to a greater or lesser degree, on all computers I have tried. HW rendering works a treat, which is why I'm asking if the option is available in Moksha.
  15. Hi, Long time Bodhi User (1.2) & lurker here. Have been and still am using 2.4 on all my computers since it came out. Have not tested any of the previous "3.x" versions but decided I would give the latest 3.2 a go. Most everything so far works nicely as I expected. In Moksha, I am however missing the Look->Composite->rendering->OpenGl option i have in E17 on my old 2.4 install. Without this set to OpenGl I get video tearing (always have) and 3.2 is no different. Is there any way to get this to work in Moksha? I have tried ecomorph but have not found any HW rendering option. Thanks for creating the best distro around