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  1. After startup/login to desktop, X-display moves in a weird way

    Thanks, birdmun. The problem described in that link is definitely the problem I'm having. However, xrandr shows my resolution correctly, so their answer didn't help me. I really like a larger resolution (1024x768 in my case), so I guess I don't mind just restarting Moksha every time I log on. It's fairly quick using the keybinding, although I do have to restart twice to get a properly working mouse pointer. Just a bit of a bother, but I can live with it. Bodhi's been nothing but grrrrreat otherwise!
  2. Searched the web for this one, but found nothing. I installed Nvidia 304.131 through Bodhi. Everything works, except....after log-in, if my Nvidia resolution is set to anything besides native 1280x1024, if I hover my mouse pointer past the right edge of the screen, the display drags to the left about 4 inches and partially disappears past edge of the screen, leaving a 4-inch white border along the entire right side of the screen. It stays that way unless I hover the mouse past the left side of the screen, which causes the display to move right. It's like the display is sitting on a slippery white background and slides along it. Same thing happens if I hover my mouse past the bottom of the screen---the display moves up leaving a thick white border along the bottom which can be corrected by hovering past the top of the screen. The behavior stops if: 1) I restart Moksha or 2) Change Nvidia resolution to anything. No other problems, but the point is, I'd like to keep 1024 resolution and avoid extra steps to correct the weird behavior every time I log in. I really like the speed of Bodhi, and taking this extra step is very annyoing. Athlon 64x2 4200+, Bodhi 3.2 32-bit, Nvidia 304.131 on GeForce 6100 built-in graphics. One monitor--Dell P170S.
  3. Hello from the hot state of Texas!

    Thanks for all the welcomes, fellow Bodhi-ers! Jeff, yeah, TX is getting better and better as a place to live in the US, for several reasons. Don't know if you have your heart set on Dallas, but maybe you might want to look into the Austin area--a LOT more tech happening there and I think it has more attractive/interesting surroundings. I wouldn't recommend Houston, unless you love to melt in a totally drenched sauna environment! Heh, but at least it's the home of PCLinuxOS, one of the best distros, IMHO. And Tristam, it gets so hot here that air-conditioners are part of survivalist-gear packages!
  4. Hello from the hot state of Texas!

    Hello, all. Just installed Bodhi latest 32-bit this past Friday. I've been using a few distro's for 6 years after I gave up on Windoes. Whew! Doesn't feel like it's been that long---Linux is a fun ride! I'm a minimalist by nature and wanted to try out Bodhi's offering. It's really great! Had a problem installing my Nvidia driver, but another thread in the forum helped me to fix that quite easily, which I greatly appreciated. And many thanks to Mr Jeff Hoogland for the work he has put into building this highly polished, powerful distro. It takes work to make things simple! Seems like some very intelligent people hang out in this forum, so I'll be visiting often, even though I am a . . . linux-dummie .
  5. Problem with installing nvidia drivers (solved)

    Hi. New member here. This thread helped me! My setup = Athlon 64x2 4200+ (2.2ghz) on Abit NF-M2S board, 2gb ram, running onboard graphics Nvidia GEForce 6100 nForce 405. I was looking for a more minimalist but useful distro, so installed Bodhi for first time Friday 4/29/16, latest release, 32-bit for now. Trying to get Nvidia 304 driver installed per http://www.bodhilinux.com/w/installing-closed-source-nvidia-drivers/ installed the driver but had no screen controls whatsoever in nvidia-settings, which was available on the menu and opened okay. Tried to install a few more Nvidia-304 items from Synaptic, but still no go. So I couldn't adjust anything on my screen as brightness, gamma, etc. Then I found this thread and did the above-mentioned install of the headers. Now my nvidia-settings work as expected! Thanks so much for the help! Lovin' Bodhi these past few days!