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  1. Please use upstream EFL

    Am not trying to be critical of yourself and situation Jef. It would be good if people could spend time doing some debugging. Better for all concerned if the latest EFL works in all areas, especially "legacy" stuff which Moksha/E17 etc relies on...
  2. Hello, I noticed another thread discussing music on Bodhi Linux. Am looking for someone who can write Python and EFL to integrate with a network-based synthesizer. If anyone is interested, maybe post here??? Thanks
  3. Please use upstream EFL

    Here's a complete blingbling theme for you all: http://enform.haxlab.org/sw/blingbling.edj Should work with Moksha fine...Enjoy!
  4. Please use upstream EFL

    Well, one reason some aspects might not be stable is a lack of contributions back to the project. This is the main reason I started the thread. If other people can commit to fixing issues in EFL this is good for everyone using it be it Moksha, Enlightenment, Tizen or whatever... Actually, regarding stability, E17 with latter EFL releases tends to improve.
  5. Please use upstream EFL

    Well it but useful if people could start work on that... Like actively contributing to EFL....
  6. Please use upstream EFL

    Hello, Bodhi's Moksha is using EFL 1.15. Please can Bodhi developers test and debug using the latest EFL git master so that with the release of EFL 1.18 there's a possibility bugs might get fixed. If these problems can be resolved then Bodhi Linux will have all the niceties of a current EFL release available to them. EFL 1.18 is stated to be released in August. If people help debug EFL then Bodhi might build and release against EFL 1.18... Maybe this post can start a useful thread on the issue and help people to report issues...etc. Thanking you please!