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  1. DVD wont play

    Chears for that info! It certainly shows browsing the forums is good for your knowledge
  2. Hello from UK

    I used to live in London but it's got too busy for me now Married and settled down in the glorious Wiltshire countryside
  3. Hello from UK

    Thank you guys! I'm living in Salisbury, not far from Stonehenge!! As for the speed, I'm truely amazed and will definitely be sticking around. In fact I am going to start recommending this as my number one lightweight distro. I used to love Crunchbang back when it was still around; This suits me much better though.
  4. Hello from UK

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum and to Bodhi. I have rescued a fading Presario CQ61 from the brink and I must say this disro fits my remit of a usable and pretty distro for it's out of date hardware. Learning the ropes of both this laptop and Bodhi