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  1. Bigger menu text

    How do I increase the size of the font used in the Menus? ..for that matter, how do I change the font itself?
  2. Taskbar not showing up

    Often I wanna see the clock, on Win I was used to just shoving the mouse straight down to make the taskbar scroll up (I had it on Autohide) - how do I do that on Bodhi? Here it doesn't work, I have to minimise whatever window I'm on and THEN go down, which is a huge PITA.... Thanks.
  3. Bodhi is laggy

    When I click on a menu item, it takes a good 2 secs for the click to register - what to do? I should point out that I've got LAMP running.... Thanks.
  4. thoughts...

    ummm nope - for example, I just did some grocery shopping online - would you prefer I go without food cause Bodhi fucked up??
  5. Hello everyone!

    Hey! I'm kind of a web guy too! Whatsup man
  6. Bodhi 4.5.0 Released

    What's new in this one?
  7. Guys, a little HELP is what is needed, instead of sarcasm. We've got a genuine user here, let's keep him in here, eh?
  8. Phone not pairing

    I'm trying to connect my phone with Bodhi using Bluetooth. I use the "Setup" wizard, and I click "Pair", and a box scrolls in on the upper right saying "Confirm Password" or something, and a number flashes on the phone - what I can't figure out is WHERE to type that no. IN on the computer. It is NOT popping up a box for this "passkey" or whatever....it just continues and says "Connection failed" or something. Please help.
  9. Wifi and Bluetooth INTERFERING with each other?

    ..OK, I tried it just that with that "coex" thing - not working... Gonna kill that line in that file now....
  10. Wifi and Bluetooth INTERFERING with each other?

    sef: OK, I don't have an Intel bluetooth, I have this: 03:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter (PCI-Express) (rev 01) Should I do that "options..." thing suggested there? I have no CLUE what I'm doing, just to say.... Is it possible to upgrade the kernel itself? Will that fix my problem??
  11. How do I make Bodhi look like a Mac? :)

    Uhh no not that. I already used a thing like that on Elive! I meant the buttons.
  12. Adding a shortcut to a new program

    OK, didn't see the vid, just worked it out from the pic. Worked! But it's appearing under "Other" - I want it under "Programming" - how do I shift it? And how do I get an icon for it?
  13. LibreOffice 6

    Lemme get this str8 - I thought they were moving Libre to the web!! ie. it would now run inside a browser!! Did that plan fizzle out or somthing?
  14. You know, like with the "jewel" lickable buttons....?
  15. Hi, I untarred a software (Processing) into /opt/processingsomeversion - how do I add a shortcut to it on the menu?