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  1. bodhi.cal

    WIFI card sees but cannot connect to network

    Thanks for the comments. I had done the ndiswrapper item before. Nothing solved this. This laptop gets limited use, so let's stop here. Again thanks for your help.
  2. bodhi.cal

    WIFI card sees but cannot connect to network

    <-sef> Thanks Now that you mention ndiswrapper, I did that a few years ago when I installed Bodhi 3. I believe the pcmcia card worked after I installed Bodhi 4, so I must have done that again with the later install. The other link seems very familiar to me. I will repeat those steps tomorrow. If it does not work, then its time to let my 14 years old laptop stay hitched up to an ethernet cable. Cal
  3. bodhi.cal

    WIFI card sees but cannot connect to network

    I used the Windows Wireless Drivers - Network Connections that must have been downloaded from Synaptic. I added a WIFI item and then edited it WIFI - Added the SSID - Mode is Client - Device and MTU were not changed - BSSID and Cloned MAC Address remained blanked out. WIFI Security - Security is WPA & WPA2 Personal ( the moden is an ARRIS NVG589 which is supposed to use WPA) - Password is the password on the new modem. ( FYI, this is the 5th pc that I tried to link to the new modem. The other 4, including 2 linux pcs worked flawlessly the first time. IPv4 Settings - Method is Automatic (DHCP) - Everything else is blank. IPv6 Settings - Method is Automatic - IPv6 privacy extensions is Disabled - All else is blank Hopefully this helps.
  4. I upgraded my internet modem from one that used WEP security to WPA security. One computer, a Compaq 2108 running Bodhi 4.0 - Legacy. (I also have two laptops (that use a pcmcia wifi card running Lubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 14.04, both of which are properly functioning today) and it connected immediately after I typed in the Password. I continue to use a Trendnet TEW-421PC pcmcia card. This computer sees my network with 5 full bars of receive strength. But, I cannot connect to the network. When I go into "Edit Connections" for the network connections, I have put in the proper SSID and password. I saved this passwork and edited this editor. When I click on my network, a new window appears - Wifi Network Authentication Required. The default authentication type is "Tunneled TLS". I have never seen this new window before. I am not a technie and this new screen makes no sense to me. Thanks for any thoughts / directions that you have for me.