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    Kernel upgrade

    Thanks for the replies. I am now leaning towards replacing the Broadcom wifi card (only a few distros incude the drivers) with either the Intel 4865agn or the Anatel - the former works fine with Bohdi 3 series and all other Linux Distros I have tested (on an old Dell D620) and the later is supposed to work out of box (based on a few reviews I have read). Bohdi's light weight and speed are under rated (fast even on old pata or low voltage systems like this very old D430 running a slow hard drive) - but I guess other distros have a more Windows like easy set up. Looking forward to putting it on one of my systems that has an SSD.
  2. uberzilla

    Kernel upgrade

    Does anyone know if kernel 3.19 can be used? My knowledge on this is limited - I don't see it in synaptic. Reason for looking into this upgrade is drawing tablet support. Reason for me using this older version of Bohdi is that it is running on an old Dell D430 with a pain in the ___ broadcom wifi card. I had this old version of Bohdi for running on an old HP DV5000 several years ago (also having the broadcom card), and this old version of Bohdi had the drivers in the ISO. I also have Mint on this system but it runs slow where as Bohdi starts twice as fast and the entire interface runs faster. The Mint 17.3 is running the 3.19 trusty kernel which runs the drawing tablets and if I can get Bodhi to run said kernel (just for light sketching and doodling - serious work is done on more powerful laptops or desktops) - then I am a very happy camper! Also - is there a section to volunteer doing graphics (if time permits would like to help - and it is what I do for a living). Thanks much