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  1. Randy is correct about the win7 part; as I have tried Bodhi side-by-side with Win7 ultimate; I was safe from the uefi peril and I believe I won't be using Windows or won't go anywhere near it as I have not seen any good reason for further use. Just a little minor cleanup of leftover dot files or configuration files in your home (minor housekeeping, so to speak)will be necessary but that's about it.
  2. staind

    Share your Desktop

    Apologies for breaking up your browsing habits but the desktop (the laptop, that is) hasn't decided on what to wear edit: replaced thumbnail image with more viewable image
  3. staind

    Bodhi 4.0 beta3 comments

    might be easier to get a clean SSD and install Bodhi on it, after scouring the net or ebay for good prices. Total win all around; and a loss for Windows. At least you can get to work quickly that way, and still have the Windows on a drive that you can put back in the laptop to sell at a profit, even if she *is* your sister. Just tell her it's business, not personal. If it were personal it would have cost triple.She can throw in that hoodie because it's a man's color anyway while you get that upgrade you 've been waiting and we are so way off topic.
  4. staind

    libreoffice forum - unofficial one shutdown

    How should I put this; one thing you should not be is sad. What happens when a product is stable enough for the majority? That there are fewer and fewer problems? Did you expect the forum to be around? What will you post about? You yourself admitted that you haven't been there for a while. What if everybody was a casual visitor to a vacation home? What made you think that the forum will be there for twenty years (example only). They said they will meet you in IRC, which has been around for as long as the internet has been around. Think of the forum as an old living room; you see the furniture is either being dismantled or being moved to the newer living room facing the ocean. Why would one insist on waiting for coffee in that old living room when the homemaker would prefer that the two of you share coffee facing the ocean view? So you haven't tried IRC. It's almost like refusing the homemaker's espresso. Why don't you give it a try? It is relay. "Hi, I'm Dan and I have a problem with indents using tabs; is there a way to increase the size of the tabs?" That is a sample of posting in IRC. Identify yourself using your nick e.g. greywiz so that when they reply later to a guy called greywiz your nick will beep or highlight to call your attention; someone has pinged you and would like to discuss tabs and your problem with them. oh, he has left, but your IRC window lets you reply to him and the whole chat window,Nice! I am out in the vineyard and will return in 5 minutes, anything you want me to add? It is relay. Much like a forum, but with a free-for-all format. Somebody like another user might say "Greywiz what is your problem with tabs" or "What are you doing in the vineyard" It is totally up to you to pick which question you should answer first. The person you chat with does not need to be there at that instant; but when he is, and knows a little of both fine wine and fine writing, then I guess you know what the fuss is about (this IRC thing that's as old as the dinosaurs--in internet time, that is. If you want to, why not try the link to IRC up top. You can pick a channel other than #Bodhi, e.g. #ubuntu or #linuxlinux. Or say hi to the LO folks. Pick a good time that works for you, like after working outside, and ping somebody by using their nick. Hexchat or xchat all behave in a similar fashion. That highlighted nick is like the phone ringing with a pre-recorded message. Two things can come out of this. One is you discover why it took you this long before using it. The second is, what a great time-waster this could turn out to be (don't forget the vineyard mate) And for some lazy afternoon reading, or bathroom reading material, a beginner's guide. And throw in the person's nick so that he gets alerted at the other end, he could be at the far side of the globe, or just up the next hill. Or you can still be excited by the news, instead of being sad. It is significant that LO is nearing stability. The only reason the forums and IRC remain is they want to let their users know that the project needs less support venues. Mailing lists and IRC are the classic old reliable stand-ins for projects on low-maintenance mode. Ever used a mailing list? If you are familiar with e-mail then you know how to use or to join a mailing list. You can ignore IRC. But chat has been around long before LO, long before Linux, and has been the top choice for troubleshooting because you can be logged on almost 24/7 -- without being in front of your keyboard. So register yourself on the mailing list, or on irc.freenode.net. To let yourself be included; be counted as one who has been using LO, yet has been struggling when it comes to printing the spreadsheets in landscape mode. How else would they know that a few minor annoyances are causing grief to someone still, if that person refuses to use the rooms available to them? I think the last thing you should feel is sad; on the other hand, after registering, send them a note of appreciation for having worked on LO for so long despite having real-life issues to deal with such as debt and taxes. Let's take a look at Bodhi. i know IRC, and I also use the forum. The Bodhi team prefers the forum as the main lifeline for support questions. It is a good choice; I think you strongly agree. I still have an IRC nick, and like a tool in the garage, I need only use it when the car breaks down. Or I have a mechanic work on it. But if I choose NOT to post in the forum, they will never know that I have a problem with the password on beta. I have used my IRC nick to prove that as far as the Bodhi devs go, I can never beat them at trivia.
  5. staind

    Dumb question about desktop choices

    better in what way? Maybe we will wear you out with our questions. Next. but why install? I put Sparky on a stick with unetbootin, and tried its enlightenment spin without losing my Bodhi desktop or affecting it at all; no harm done. I had to go back to enlightenment when I found out that sparky was no different from Bodhi except for a slightly Polish twist in the docs or support; which I wouldn't need anyway since we had the support of the Bodhi devs already. An experiment that lasted for about an hour. Installing another desktop is about as painless as a root canal. Is there something we are missing here; that is the reason for my question, when you already get so much from this distro, which can only be topped by what one might consider deeper dives into the geekier distros (the ones that may demand so much more of your time, and tax your patience so much that they just get in the way, which should not be the case at all) Your question is similar to the question that a lexus car salesman might ask; should he get a toyota or a nissan? But his cousin is about to get rid of his Saab Viggen. He pays for it in cash and easy terms, even going against staff policy by parking it in the employee of the month spot at work as a joke on Halloween. There are a hundred and one questions about his choice, or your choice. just so you know where I'm coming from, Jeffrey. You can try any lexus or lxqt in the parking lot. As an "employee" you can take our loaner cars out for a week, or a certified pre-owned model for two weeks. You can also check out this distro that used to say thirty desktops in 30 days; they are now up to seventy. And they have a sense of humor about it, too, since they cater to a particular breed.
  6. staind

    USB Pen Drive Super Tool

    For Windows there is Lilli, or Linux Live USB creator, and lists supported distros that it can download for burning on the stick. (It can also point to an ISO on the drive)The list for Bodhi stops though, at 2.1 but it will attempt to burn later releases following similar settings. I have used it myself to burn distros other than Bodhi e.g. sparky linux, Bodhi 4.0.0, the last of the 32-bit x86 ISO's (and kicked Windows 7 from the last hard drive it came in on)
  7. staind

    Screen across Desktops

    Games can stay on one screen, thankgod, but work can be spread on two (Submitted today to deviantart, believe it or not)
  8. staind

    beta 3: ibar invisible settings dont work

    No you did not miss anything, but *I* did. I had mixed them up; the right click shows "configure bar" instead of configure ibar. When you do configure bar, there is a checkbox for "show background box", and that's it. But this entire thing can be placed in a shelf, and a shelf can be set to invisible, like our original post stated. I did try that before, and i discovered that putting the launcher in a shelf makes it behave a little differently, so I always kept engage outside of any shelf. And the shelf style can be set to invisible; but that is one detail I got rid of by NOT using a shelf, period. There, we really did not miss anything, did we. We offer a solution or an alternative for him. An invisible shelf is also one that is not there, like a ghost in time for Halloween
  9. staind

    beta 3: ibar invisible settings dont work

    1. Try these steps, as my ibar stays invisible and only the icons show, and I have to set background box to make it stay at the bottom. 2. Slide the mouse to the bottom towards the ibar. 3. Pick the gap between the icons, but right click on it to show the context menu, with the top entry being "configure ibar" 4. You can figure out the rest, but 5. is important for the readers, and the bodhi dev team. 5. Let us know what happens Don't forget the waiter's input; after all he has worked on this item for a long while. Well, I am not a systray user, but I do keep the ibar visible at all times. My last screenshot in this thread shows the ibar at the bottom of the laptop screen on the left.
  10. staind

    Hi there Bodhi people! New to the forum

    There will be close to a hundred questions, questions that we have seen before, dozens have seen even before we even thought of them, and most of them begin with "How do I..." and these questions persist because so many people discover things about their computer that were previously kept in the dark, and there still are machines out there that have a lock on them, which could be a little piece of tape with the words Warranty void if seal is broken or similar. The old questions have long been dealt with, and if you head over to tldp.org (The Linux documentation project), you will see some semblance of order, and some organization to help you figure out what to do with your new system, you know, the one that has no such lock or seal on it. The documents are called HOWTO's e.g. How to set up a printer using CUPs, How to set up a small home network, and so on. Yes, there will be a lot of reading. how much time you spend waiting for someone knowledgeable to answer your question depends on how much reading you already did, and how well you phrased your question. Go ahead, feel free to ask in these forums, or google for an answer. The forum is a good place for support, and the only silly question in these parts is the one that was never asked.There is a link up top to IRC, and if you catch them at a good time, feel free to say Hi, and post your question, although this is optional. You can switch to a different channel like #ubuntu or #linuxlinux and lurk there because the questions come rapid fire sometimes, and the answers could shed some light on your own problem e.g. How do I save this in pdf format so I can print it in color at the library? Remember, too that for the commands there is an "online" manual like for the wireless configuration command iwconfig, one could type man iwconfig and the text manual will appear on your terminal so you can enter the command correctly iwconfig wlan0. For wired ethernet it would be something like ifconfig eth0 so you can view its status or change that somehow. Welcome to the forums
  11. staind

    Not a seasoned pro, but.....

    Or, just stay on top of developments. And keep an open mind to try out other things e.g. refracta, dd, devuan, and so on.
  12. staind

    Not a seasoned pro, but.....

    "I hear Fedora is horrible with software" how? "I hear Bodhi is horrible with software" One of these statements is a lie. Bodhi is truly minimalist in this regard; it installs nothing. But hey, don't take my word for it. If you think so, and can say 1000 percent satisfied, then I can safely say your math sucks, and Bodhi can't help you there. Draw the line at one hundred, so you can say I am a hundred percent satisfied, and people will pay attention. What about you, have you been paying attention? Perhaps. Paying attention to the right people, or to just general scuttlebutt. Did that person back up his statement about Fedora with the facts? How could he know what software you use? What if you were skilled with a paintbrush, or with multimedia and video DJ applications and were more creative than the guy that spends hundreds of bucks to stay on top of his game? So you start doing your homework, and make Bodhi your new standard; if the next live disk that you try turns out to be a dud because you spend more time fixing it than actually using it, then ditch it. Try SUSE, or arch, or gentoo. Form your own opinion because there is one person that listens to you. Read about other distros on distrowatch.com. Grab the next Linux Format magazine to try out their new coverdisc; there is always something new to learn from that magazine, or from that CD. Next time somebody asks you to help him get rid of a virus, you say Let me take a look. But when he turns on his PC, and you saw Windows 10 or something similar, turn to face him and look him in the eye and say My rates just doubled, and tell him You have better things to do. Get a windows guy to clean up that mess; I have the ultimate antivirus and it only costs sixty dollars. Then you show him the stick with the word "Bodhi" on it. And send fifty-nine dollars as a donation.
  13. staind

    And another touchpad problem..

    Hmmm, that should work right out of the box, unless you had an external mouse (or a bluetooth mouse) attached, which would confuse any system-- it doesn't have to be Bodhi. If you have another linux disc or USB i'd try that and see if the trackpad gets auto detected and even configured
  14. staind

    Bodhi Linux 4.0.0 Beta Release

    If I remember correctly, one has to load the keyboard module, but I don't fiddle with this often, so use that as a tip--no more, no less.
  15. staind

    Screen across Desktops

    Care to figure out how that screenie was put together, Mr Farmer, as a mental exercise