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    So from what I gathered prior to going forward with the addition is that a PPA is essentially to Linux what "allow unknown sources" is to Android...since it's based on the Linux kernel (if I'm wrong in thinking this I'd love for someone to point out my ignorance as I'm very new to Linux.) This is probably a good place to point out that I'm fairly adventurous. So, following the instructions per the Kodi wiki I'm now pleasantly running Kodi Jarvis, so far with no crashes etc. I've been a fan of the media platform since it's early days as XBMC but never realized just how low it's system spec tolerances were (512mb ram here.) I run Kodi on all my machines, which are all anywhere from a year to four years old, but I never imagined it would run flawlessly on a 10 year old machine. Now, my noob question. Does adding a single PPA to the repositories open up a large security threat or is it more the policy to not add them in regards to not going hog-wild with lots of questionable PPAs? I've been working through a list of software I wanted on this system and Kodi was my last on the list, so the odds of me adding anymore are slim. This is more just and educational probe.
  2. My HP Pavillion dv4000 is quite possibly my longest commitment; I have the 1.6 ghz chipset, 512 mb RAM, the original 60gb HDD with an additional 160 gb. I hadn't touched this machine in roughly 6 years for anything more than hunting down old files and copying them all over to external. You get the idea, it had become a "wall-hanger." So, I recently discovered LiLi USB creator and started testing out various Linux builds in VirtualBox. I've always been interested in learning the OS but didn't have much luck in '09 when I played around with a friend's copy of Fedora and I'd basically written it off. That is, until I cleaned out my office and drug out my old college dinosaur. In short, I said "adios Windows XP" and allowed Bodhi to take over. I could not be more pleased as this decade old machine of mine quite possibly runs better than my newer PCs and laptop. And I am loving Linux so far, even though I'm just beginning to learn it. Mad props to all the development team. Out of all the distros I tested, Bodhi is the chosen one.