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  1. no visible desktop after startup

    I now can see that If I press CTRL + ALT + F1 that the screen changes to black. Knowing the shell I think it I entered the shell. On the other hand I cannot see anything now. So any command to fix the brightness of my screen would be welcom/helpful?
  2. Hello I have tried Bodhi linux before. Used ubuntu between then and now. Unfortunately I (almost) do not see the desktop after it starts up the moksah desktop. I want to see it so I can do something. I can barely see it when I turn the screen to a certain angle but it does not seem enough to see what I am doing. I have followed different solutions mentioned at this forum. solution 1: Pressing CTRL + ALT + 1 or CTRL + ALT + F1 does not give me a visible shell. solution 2: Changing the keybindings is not possible because I can't see what I am doing. I cannot change the backlight settings with de function keys (F2 and F3) as possible in ubuntu 14. Also I searched through the BIOS for backlight featueres but none found. Any idea's / solutions?