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  1. Hello, I keep on having VIM crashing. It happens on a regular basis, but not all the time, when the vim window gets the focus. The error I can see on the console is: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) Vim: Got X error Vim: preserving files... Vim: Finished. Any idea? Cheers Raphael
  2. +mitija+

    Unable to launch terminology after latest upgrade

    In my case, the solution was to run sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  3. +mitija+

    Unable to launch terminology after latest upgrade

    The EFL package is still there. I currently have version 201610281.18.1bodhi1-1, that's why quite a few things do work. What it does not do is provide libelementary.so.1 See the sample shell output: raphael@mirou5:~$ dpkg -L efl | grep elementary raphael@mirou5:~$ apt show efl Package: efl Version: 201610281.18.1bodhi1-1 Priority: extra Section: unknown Maintainer: Eric W. Brown (...)
  4. Hi. I am unable to launch terminology since the latest upgrade. I am getting this error message: terminology: error while loading shared libraries: libelementary.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory I am not able to install libelementary2. It seems there is a conflict between the bodhi efl package and the ubuntu elightenment's packages... I am having the same issue when trying to launch ephoto Any suggestions?