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    Auto-reconnect Wifi

    We use fairly expensive enterprise/business grade access points on a cisco switched network, these should (operative word) not be the problem, we have not seen problems with these access points on any other device. I.M.O. the problem really is not that the connection occasionally drops any way. To me wifi is always like black magic when it comes to stability, especially in places with a lot of wifi noise connection drops are just a fact of life. I rather feel that Bohdi (or it's networking app) not picking the connection back up again is the actual problem. I have been unable to fix this, so I've just mended the problem by doing what I should have done in the first place, which is plumbing a really long ethernet cable to the other side of the building. It's less then elegant, but in the end it just needs to work without intervention from my end.
  2. Abramech

    Auto-reconnect Wifi

    Greetings, A while ago I've configured some bare bone pc's with Bodhi to serve as an informational display. (permanent presentation mode) All in all this works excellent. Sometimes however it's connection drops, and instead of re-connecting it gives a pop-up where you need to reconfirm the WPA key and reconnect, even though i've told it to automatically connect. This is a problem as the hardware is hidden away in a ceiling and no input hardware like a keyboard is connected so getting it reconnected is a "hassle". Is there any way to force it to just reconnect regardless of the circumstance of the disconnect?