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    Gdebi installer not working

    Hello. I will try that today and i will tell you my experience. Thank you.
  2. Wanderer1976

    Gdebi installer not working

    Thank you for your responses. I just went to the folder of the downloaded deb file, opened terminal there through the tools of the file manager menu and run the command sudo gdebi package_name.deb (as The waiter said). The terminal way is OK with me so no problem.
  3. Wanderer1976

    Gdebi installer not working

    Hi. I installed latest standard edition of Bodhi linux. I fully updated the system (sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade). I dowloaded chrome deb package and i tried installing it with gdebi (doubled click on the deb package). Gdebi opened, it said that it is required 10 additional packages. I clicked the button install now and then i was asked for my password. After i entered my password gdebi closed and nothing happened. i tried several times but the same happened. Any clues what maybe the issue? Thank you.