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    Out of range and ancient video card

    Thanks for the reply! I ultimately decided to dismount the video card (before reading this) in favor of my less ancient geforce 7600 gs AGP (came back to my mind like an holy savior, with God ray's and stuff), so I finally have again a place for her instead of leave her sitting there for other ages! A little tweak to the not so smooth fan and I gained not only 512MB over the 32MB of before, but dual monitor capability and a flawlessy working computer. A '99 personal computer brought back to life, fast as a medium budget today pc, awesome Of course I' ll note your answer for future cases! Thanks again
  2. Hi! I've quite a problem here, installed flawlessy latest 32bit Bodhi on a pentium 2.0 GHz, 756MB RAM, 20GB HDD computer, which also mounts this ancient Winbond CS 305 video card with 32MB of video memory. As soon as I start the computer instead of any grub menu it states "out of range" forever, maybe it logs (I can see it blinks then loads again then goes again "oor") but who knows! Prequel infos: tried Ubuntu too, installation worked also if too heavy, but the strange thing (which applies to Bodhi too, this is why I'm writing about it) is that also if the out of range message appeared, sometimes (only 2 times over 20 pc restart actually) the machine after the out of range message loaded ubuntu at full resolution (undependant of what I was pressing) working flawlessy, every other try was just that out of range message forever. -Repair booting- with the 640x480 option worked but made also the OS run in that resolution (screen zoomed in) with no other options, and xrandr giving out just min/max of 640x480! I want to keep Bodhi, and I'm sure the problem/behavior of the system is the same as in ubuntu if I'll go restarting/boot repairing thousands of times again, the base is always Linux
  3. Ettore93

    Hi from Italy

    Hello from Italy! I like Linux although I'm not an expert about it, this Bodhi distro caught my attention and here I am, joined the forum to follow it and, I admit, to ask for help also! See you around!