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  1. Interface issues applications which need the password

    It depends, how lasts the support for Bodhi Linux 3.2.1? (By experience I noticed that sometimes running a Distro on VBox doesn't mean it will work exactly the same when installed. For instance, you can't know if the wi-fi will work properly or if some hardware will be recognized by the system.)
  2. Interface issues applications which need the password

    Anyone knows how to fix this using a different language than English?
  3. Interface issues applications which need the password

    If I change the language form Italian back to English it works. The problem is that one I said above.
  4. Interface issues applications which need the password

    I will do, but the problem is that -as I already said- the laptop I am working on is not mine and unfortunately goes to someone who doesn't speak english. Edit: By the way, I haven't this problem on my own laptop where I didn't have to dist-upgrade the system.
  5. Interface issues applications which need the password

    Hello, sorry for the delay in answering you questions. First of all I didn't used eSudo, but eepDater (System Updater in the applications menu - Applications/System/System Updater) and Synaptic (always from the men - Applications/Preferences/Synaptic Package Manager) The password is a simple one, 7 letters before, and 6 letters and a number after changing it. launching esudo synaptic form the terminal it opens the esudo window and when I type the password the window disappear as with the program launched from the menu. PS: I don't currently know how to get the versions, I used several Ubuntu line commands but it seems they doesn't work on here. Thanks
  6. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, sorry for posting my issues before the introduction. I'm using bodhi linux from a short time but I find it an excellent distro, especially for old computers and laptops. I used other Ubuntu based distros before, some other distro and now running MX15 on another laptop. Thanks to Bodhi for their work.
  7. Hi, I installed Bodhi 4 on my ASUS Z9200VC and it works perfectly, so when a friend of mine asked for a distro for her HP Compaq nx7300, I immediately thought about Bodhilinux Now on this one (HP Compaq nx7300 I) I have an issue with the eepDater and the other applications who need the password. First let me say I had to work on the wlan card's drivers because the system couldn't see it so I did: 'apt-get update' then 'apt-get dist-upgrade' and finally 'sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer' to have the wlan card drivers. Then I rebooted and everything worked perfectly I did an update and shut down the computer. When I turned it on the following day every application who need the password didn't work correctly. EeepDater, Synaptic and Bodhibuilder windows close after I type the password and click on the "OK" button. If I run eepDater from terminology it works, even if appears different, in fact in the window it appears a list of packages (written in blue) to select, instead of the classic appearance. Also synaptic works from terminology, so I think there's something wrong with the interface or something I didn't think about. How can I solve this? My friend is a new linux user so not so easy for her to work on terminal, copy and paste codes etcetera. Better if the applications work. Thanks in advance