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  1. if_then

    bodhi printing - synaptic warning

    Thanks for the info! Yeah, nice avatar, yours too
  2. if_then

    Hi people!

    I've used some Linux distros since 2008. Now I'm running Bodhi Linux 4 on my Celeron x86 notebook 2GHz 1GBytes (installed few days ago). It works veryy well! It's a great os! Thank you, best regards
  3. if_then

    bodhi printing - synaptic warning

    Thank you, Charles. A question: dist-upgrade will install a new kernel too?
  4. Hi all! I've installed Bodhi Linux 4 on my old notebook x86 Celeron 2GHz, Ram 1GBytes, and it works perfectly! Many thanks to all developers and supporters! My question: If I try to install "bodhi-printing", Synaptic says it can't be authenticated. So I did a "sudo apt-get update", and updated the system too with System Updater, but the warning is still there. Can I anyway install the packet "bodhi-printing" or there's a problem with it? Thanks in advance!