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    Well, Linux but also, CSS/Sass, lifting weights, conlanging, also sleep. Gotta have sleep.
  1. Zlatan

    Hello from Palatine

    Thank you. And thank you for the response. But, yes I did select disc encryption. So, should I avoid that for the time being?
  2. Zlatan

    Hello from Palatine

    Hello everybody! My name is Zlatan. I live northwest of Chicago, village of Palatine. I am a first time user of Bodhi. Previous distros Ubuntu and Xubuntu. Slight problem installing Bodhi on my SSD. It has been stuck at “Creating user” for almost an hour. Any suggestions? I am installing it on an old Toshiba Portege. It worked great of a USB. Overall, I love the look and the fact that it’s so minimal. Moksha is great, don't change.