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    New user with a few questions

    Hello everyone. This is a nice OS and a great forum. I have a few questions and hope someone can point me in the right direction (I'm no guru or techie but a quick study). 1) I installed Bodhi 4.1.0 - 32 bit basic on a P4, 3.0GHz desktop with 1.5GB ram and 2GB swap on a second HDD. First issue was midori was crashing with seg faults. I replaced it with chromium and it ran much better. I then noticed that Bodhi wouldn't recognize my old iPad 1. I wasn't sure if that was a problem with libimobiledevice or ubuntu 16.04 so I formatted my drive and installed version 3.2.1 - 32 bit basic (ubuntu 14.04). My iPad is now recognized. Any thoughts on how I can get version 4.1.0 to play nice with my iPad? (The Ubuntu forums weren't much help). 2) I'm making some customizations to my main menu. Is there anyway to restart the Moksha desktop without rebooting? 3) I'm still experiencing some program crashes (browser, banshee). At least some were seg faults. Is it possible that is because my swap partition is on a different drive than the OS? Thanks for your patience, I'm new to Linux and to forums in general and suck at typing.
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    Hello and thanks

    Thanks, I was wondering if that was the way to do it. I assumed "System", "System Tools", or "Setup" was listed as a category in that particular .desktop file; and if those categories didn't exist it would create one rather than putting it in "Preferences" which seems like a weird place for it. I've had success editing the desktop files in the past. Editing the menus themselves and adding categories or sub-categories was easy in Puppy but if memory serves I had to resort to a GUI menu editor to accomplish it Ubuntu, can't remember. I will startup my Bodhi and check it out. Thanks for the welcome. I will open a support thread if I need any further assistance.
  3. makarovnik

    Hello and thanks

    Hi. My name is Mak and I live in the Seattle area. I'm relatively new to Linux but have a fair amount of experience working with Windows and was trained on a VAX/VMS system many years ago. Ever since my W7 updates stopped working and I was pushed to install W10, I've been searching for a lightweight OS to install on my desktop PCs (some old and some new). I've tried many linux distros and right now I really like Bodhi, Puppy and Xubuntu. I would love it if I could edit the main menus in Bodhi the way I could in Puppy. Just for example, when I installed Synaptic it ended up in the menu category "Preferences". Sorry that's a topic for another thread. Anyway, so far so good. I downloaded the basic 32 bit version, did a custom install and loaded the programs I like. Thank you for creating and maintaining this OS, Mak