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    And learning stuff. After learning not to shoot ourselves in the left foot, we still have the right foot to shoot at, right?
  2. gohlip

    Clock Module Bug?

    Correct. That's why I ask to test it by shutting down computer, not just sleeping to see if the cmos battery is the issue. As stated in the link, not necessary so with laptops. And just how difficult is it to test it with the laptop turned off overnight? Why do we all have to guess? Why not just find out?
  3. gohlip

    Clock Module Bug?

    https://www.howtogeek.com/181780/why-your-desktop-pc-draws-power-even-when-you-shut-down-or-hibernate/ Easy to test it out. With the main battery charged up and not an issue, shut down, turn off the laptop. Not hibernate or sleep. Shut down. In the morning, is the time correct when laptop started up? If time is off, it is the cmos battery. If time is correct, it is not the cmos battery. Makes sense? Note OP has left laptop on for several nights. Shut it down just once and let's see.
  4. gohlip

    Clock Module Bug?

    cmos battery and main battery are 2 different things. https://www.computerhope.com/jargon/c/cmos.htm
  5. gohlip

    Clock Module Bug?

    No, but check your cmos battery, it could be drained out.
  6. gohlip

    E menu right side hack

    Of course we all know that. The point Timmi is saying and I agree is that there is also.....Oh, he has edited his post. Well, well the point is moot. Anyway, regardless of whether it is paid, voluntary or charity, nobody can say improper behavior can be accepted. Not saying it is here, in fact, I did mention there is no bad faith I see anywhere in this forum. Let's move on.
  7. gohlip

    E menu right side hack

    No problem, don't mind if I don't say thanks.
  8. gohlip

    E menu right side hack

    I'm with you, Timmi. I've mentioned this 'right-click' context thingy long before you. And it's the first thing I change when I installed Bodhi. And I won't 'complain' about it any more. To be fair, there was this desktop sliding around when you move the mouse to the edges. I 'complained' about it (to the "E" people) and it was fixed (no longer default - can be fixed by user, just like this 'right click thingy'). And the file directories showing up in the desktop and....The good thing about E (and Bodhi) is that most things can be changed by the user, perhaps a bit harder than in Openbox or Fluxbox. Generally there was much less things to change whenever we installed Bodhi. Nowadays, there are much more things to replace and remove, econnman network manager was replaced by default, but perhaps I personally find the other 'e' things less appealing, I've more to do. And 'sudo' still works without removing 'esudo' (which we can't - not sure about that - I'd leave that alone). But yes, some of the factors we users decide on what distro to use (or to help in forums) are not just technical issues or in-spite of them. Sometimes the team and members can make a difference despite a good leadership and vice versa. The 'bashing' you mentioned about may not be in bad faith. The 'intent' is not in malice. Each of us have different levels of sensitivities and we ourselves too often think others have that same level. And true, some may have an ego-need to fulfill. And we let that pass. Personally (and generally), I find the Bodhi people here excellent. End of the day, it is a decision for each of us to make. Nobody is stopping us. Cheers.
  9. gohlip

    can't update grub

    Command is 'sudo update-grub', not 'sudo update-grub2',
  10. gohlip

    backlit keyboard and linux

    I don't have this issue so might not work/applicable to you. fitst check if you have vbetool installed $ apt search vbetool If you have, $ vbetool dpms on If it is not vbetool... try adding acpi_backlight=video to the kernel parameter of your grub linux line. Good luck. ps: I cannot go further if this doesn't work. Others have to help. [edit] - one of these .... I just used 'video'; try each one. acpi_backlight=videoacpi_backlight=vendoracpi_backlight=native
  11. gohlip

    Idea: a conky fork suited for Moksha

    Yes, you're right. Perhaps I just find the EFL apps wanting. Not that I haven't tried them. Some of them may have improved, hopefully econnman for example. I'll test them out again with the next stable version of Bodhi, as I always do. Cheers. ps: but I hope we keep out conky in default installation. we can always have it as a user install and Charles@Bodhi can have a nice write up on how to do it.
  12. gohlip

    Idea: a conky fork suited for Moksha

    What I liked about Enlightenment/Bodhi was that it provided a simple minimalist window environment and I install the apps that I wanted. Set up the menu, mouse shortcuts and that's it. It was fast, simple. What I don't like now is that it is trying to be a Desktop environment, turn the blackbox/openbox/fluxbox that was borrowed from into a full fledged Desktop environment. Sure, we can uninstall epad, terminology...(and a few others that I forgot their names because I always uninstall them). But it is not the same feeling that I have to uninstall stuff that I do not want than to install stuff that I want. Yes, I have kde too and it is massive but there is a difference when things are complicated to simplify user requirements and complexity for its own sake. For example, setting multiple monitors is a breeze in kde whereas setting up the same thing in openbox or enlightenment is much of a hassle. I can appreciate the beauty in both approaches (the complex for easy user adaptability and being minimalist). But being redundant, superfluous and unnecessary is not we are looking for. It is like a corner fish and chips stall trying to open an upscale restaurant selling the same stuff. And that has made me install server (netinstall) OS's. It is admittedly not easy, setting up display manager, working out rc.xml, menu.xml getting to the point where I liked enlightenment/bodhi in the first place. And for some of these, I allow some luxury of installing a wallpaper (feh) and a panel (tint2); but never a conky. I hope Bodhi (and enlightenment) will relook into what made it so popular and successful in the first place. Regards to all.
  13. gohlip

    Boot loader failed to install.

    Assuming you've burned your iso correctly [1] See http://forums.bodhilinux.com/index.php?/topic/14814-black-screen-after-grub-recovery-mode-doesnt-work/ Use the commands in post #2. [1] - ie., use 'dd' instead of unetbootin and if unetbootin don't work, why is it in the instruction manual? http://www.bodhilinux.com/w/installation-instructions/ ps: I personally do not use 'unetbootin' or 'dd' or any 'burning' I boot up the isofile directly.
  14. gohlip

    Black screen after GRUB, recovery mode doesn't work

    Okay, I think it confirms a bad install. Other than a reinstall you can chroot into it from a livecd and update/upgrade and do a update-initramfs, that's quite a lot of work and personally, since this is a new install, I'll opt for a reinstall. But as you said, you've tried a reinstall already. I don't use a 32 bit version, perhaps others here on 32 bit can jump it. But good luck.
  15. gohlip

    Black screen after GRUB, recovery mode doesn't work

    Good. Then can you boot up Lubuntu and at Lubuntu terminal sudo grub-install /dev/sda sudo update-grub Is Bodhi entry listed in the output? When rebooted, can you see Bodhi entry and boot from it?