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  1. DOOMguy

    New to Linux, installing on MacBook

    Charles' input is spot-on, and appreciated, for the OS X side of things. For terminal commands, md5sum is the correct command. But it is missing. So try it once more, you should not expect anything to change; agreed? You are not typing garbage in. It is a valid command -- but it is missing from your current terminal session. You can try it a gazillion more times, or one more time. The computer can do this all day. Add a parameter like -c -- same result. I could try and explain things like $PATH to you, but there are a million pages out there doing that job already. Morpheus' line rings true: I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it.
  2. DOOMguy

    Minor problem - index files failed to download

    Val, when you have seen this occur more than once (like me), you have to hit rewind. Back up to the line right above 'index files failed to download'; just a few words and you see 404 Not found, and if you have been on the 'net you should know what a 404 error is. A file is missing. The file is identified right there, on that same line. That is why synaptic, or its CLI equivalent, apt remains the one true idiotproof program for Debian-and-derivatives diehards: it is so standalone that even its error messages are self-contained. It is time for you to finish the other half of that; what happened when you blinked, to xenial amd64 since. If I were an Ubuntu guy or a Bodhi guy I could tell you. I don't even know what FFS a xenial is.
  3. ok, looks like you have enough to go on, and it's interesting that you are asking people if they can crash their desktop. It is like approaching some guy Hey can you drive your car into that wall? Here's a helmet, but I don't know if you need it Most people here would rather not play kamikaze -- they are wary of any after effects e.g. icons in shelves damaged, no icons but run xrandr -q so you can pick a different resolution, and you can omit 'scale' so we get plain vanilla display as a result. Not the whole window; that's fine. We're pushing the Atom to do it, no extras needed. Can it be done without crashing. I think this is called trial-and-error by lab scientists.
  4. DOOMguy

    audio not coming and video issue

    Have they worked with a different distro? Be sure to include hardware information so that we may be able to help. Unless you are tech and linux savvy, the logs ought to point you in the right direction. System boot messages too. Run vlc in the meantime from the terminal, and see what diagnostic messages it spits out before crashing. More detailed descriptions will hasten this exchange of ideas. Skimp on the important stuff, and your answer will arrive, probably next year (relax, it's only a few weeks away) Do the headphones work? Have you tried a different browser? Midori isn't the one I'd use (it's meant for installing stuff mostly) -- try Firefox. Or try the wiki, after the Beginner's Guide that is.
  5. Let's try something else then (the result may not have anything to do with xrandr, and let us try these things regardless of xrandr moving the goalposts) Take out --scale Put in a higher scale factor (do not jump too large, try small increments) Use the GUI tool with the slider for the scale factor. I am on a MBP at the moment, but even on my laptop at home I do not have the HW that you have. I am not on Moksha but I recall somewhere where the scaling is set by a slider, instead of typing a number. There are two ways to find that sweet spot. One is described in step 2. If you dual boot, use the slider in windows to pick 'smart numbers' in guessing. (How were you able to pick 1.367, 1.5 -- you ought to be able to figure out the next magic number) Your IF - ELSE script could be useful in another way. The IF is for setting up 1200x720; what resolution does the ELSE set in your script? Rewrite so that there are three cases, not just these two. Set it up without resorting to scale--that is, make the pan-and-scan an option, instead of a must-have. You may be reaching the edge of the Intel Atom's graphics capabilities.
  6. DOOMguy

    Black screen on boot after Legacy install

    Let us continue your training; if there were problems with the X11R7 config, these would show up in the log /var/logs/X11whatever (by now you should be well versed with tab completion to fill the necessary whereabouts of the log file -- it would have been the first place to determine the root cause of the errors, despite entries for the Matrox card being present in the config file. The log would also list resolutions available, and the monitors it has found -- you say you have only one. I will not question the use of more vs. less, as birdmun has said, they each accomplish the same thing (with the pipe symbol). available what, like he asked. Is there a problem with your input? What code are you looking for, that is expected to have some sort of exit? It is merely a configuration file, with EndSection after each item. For Video problems, I prefer to use IRC (maybe in combination with pastebin.com--post your X11R7 error log in there, would be a great way to start for one and all), which works well in console mode, using the time-tested weechat or irssi. You can use discordia. It is my weapon of choice, rather than dealing with forums and their clutter. People seem to think we need to be there at the same time -- missing the point of the word relay; paste that URL with for example Hey this is fudoki from the forums with the Matrox video problem; the URL is pastebin.com/1234567 but this is only an example -- you can use your own words. You can paste the link here in the forum as well. Check IRC first when you get back to your console. I tend to post there first, syntax errors and typos and all, before coming to these forums. After you have found the error log, put it up in pastebin.com, then that website will give you a URL. Paste that link here, I will grab my cup of Earl Grey, then I will reply to your input, with my suggestions. And the others can contribute as well. It is a popular card, and you haven't had problems with that HW under other distros. It is well known for multi monitor support, yet it cannot even show the GUI desktop on ONE display. Time to find the weakest link.
  7. DOOMguy

    Digikam 5.5.0 and Rawtherapy

    Now you can put IRC on the backburner, same as learning to compile from source -- those will come in handy at a later time. Maybe troubleshooting would be the skill required for the present. So here is what I would suggest, and running on a separate netbook/laptop might be ideal. If you can run the live version of Mint or Solus or MX17 far enough as to run digikam right up to the point where the database gets created, go for it. I would try locating that database, noting its exact location e.g. $HOME or /usr/something-or-other, then saving a copy of the file on a stick so that when you run digikam on Bodhi the application need only add records to the file instead of creating a new file from scratch, which seems to be failing at the moment. If the application determines that the file already exists, then it merely has to add records to it. Run digikam from terminus if you can manage that so that error or warning messages can be viewed, in addition to the messages in the system logs.
  8. DOOMguy

    Digikam 5.5.0 and Rawtherapy

    Val, I found encouraging news on the digikam website -- the digikam program is still actively maintained, and they listed these steps to get support: Go through the documentation. Read the FAQ Join the mailing list If you have done those steps and believe you have found a bug, use bugzilla to report it. As a long time user there have been many instances when reading the manual could help solve the problem. To this day, newbies still ask, for example, why isn't conky reading my very own config file. This query still has a million-plus hits on search, and I can relate or understand when the developers get fatigue from repeating the same answer over and over, asking themselves, do these people even follow instructions So now that you have installed digikam successfully on Bodhi, it is time to switch to the digikam support people, with this question you have. The Bodhi devs will be ready when you have been advised that the problem lies with the distro that you are using. You may not need to run it from the app image; this could be one of the reasons why the program cannot proceed. Why do you need the app image, when the source code can be obtained from the digikam website? I am curious about the need for special handling like this, (what is an app image; is that like special parking for the handicapped--you can tell that I did not get the memo) when a guy using Slackware or Gentoo can compile the thing and get going after a few minutes. Having been around the block, I can tell what a tar.gz file is, and what to do when it is available. All I need is access to the command line, and get to work. Please understand that there are different approaches to the problem, and using an app image you were able to get further until you ran into an obstacle. The best people who would know where the problem is would be the digikam developer team, or a fellow Bodhi user who attempted the same thing, and can share his input through this forum. I would not want this thread to sit here idle -- really why I prefer discordia and IRC rather than forums
  9. DOOMguy

    Every Login, CapsLock Light is On

    for spankmon, you may have to search for an x tool that puts a tiny graphical representation that functions as setleds does i.e. a row of 3 leds that can be placed in the corner of your screen. It might work and could be a replacement for the physical leds on your computer.
  10. DOOMguy

    Every Login, CapsLock Light is On

    Oblio - re your OEM keyboard issue - has to do with other USB devices competing with resources. Although you may not have anything else plugged in, no coffee cup warmer nor turntable or mini colored disco ball or some other accessory, sometimes upon viewing the boot log messages there is a listing of a USB controller in there albeit an internal controller. I would question the choice of USB for the "old school" clickety-klack keyboards because the originals came with PS/2 connectors when PS did not stand for Playstation or something else. You may want to try something else, but that might need a new forum thread, so we can pursue the LEDs issue until it performs correctly before our user grabs a hammer, regardless of his username.
  11. DOOMguy

    Every Login, CapsLock Light is On

    You may want to get familiar with this little tool known as setleds especially since you say that you are typing in lower case but the light is on.
  12. DOOMguy

    wifi connected but cant connect to the internet

    The only downside I can see in connecting directly with ethernet? A word of caution: It becomes 100 % consistent in behavior AND performance that there is no comparison at all to wireless, which would then seem to be erratic in signal strength and reliability, and soon you will forget that you had spotty performance with the built in wifi, in the first place. If you are the type that would purchase things online with credit card, or log on to your bank often, stick with the slight advantage of wired ethernet. Or just avoid these habits while online, to be on the safe side. "Evil spirits" have been around since the dawn of time, and they don't bother with such trivialities like operating systems or distros.
  13. DOOMguy

    Black screen after GRUB, recovery mode doesn't work

    Congratulations, and you're welcome. Try something simpler, like changing themes, instead of something bold, like changing GRUB. But hey even our very own Jeff says, if it doesn't work, try again. And that's how we learn. Glad you sorted it out. Well I was going to send you some beer via USB, but I think it's in use (the port, I mean).
  14. DOOMguy

    Black screen after GRUB, recovery mode doesn't work

    Before reinstalling, I suggest you try two things. Boot from the USB and run Bodhi from it. Do your normal stuff. Verify the new ISO by running a chksum on it. By 'new ISO' I mean get the 32bit ISO from sourceforge, and verify its integrity (it is after all huge download and this critical step ensures the file arrived intact). Burn a new liveUSB using the dd command, which can be found in this forum. We are wary about using unetbootin, and recent posts explain why Your original question what have I done wrong here, I would question Install a different version of GRUB <---what were your reasons for ditching grub from the package, and where did you obtain this edit: added a response to original query
  15. DOOMguy

    Moshka can't write to ecomp

    The symptoms point to a bad ISO. Make a new live USB, using a different ISO. Have you performed a chksum on the ISO, or verified its integrity? We can show you how, and there are other pages --and similar threads in this forum-- that explain it clearly. As a last sanity check, boot from the USB, not from the installed Bodhi, capisce?