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    Forced delay to login

    i checked the USB drive before install. Read and write speeds were good.
  2. Relaxrayaan

    Forced delay to login

    no it is a different USB.
  3. Relaxrayaan

    password incorrect / cannot run terminology

    You can reinstall the os and make sure while creating user account you note down the password. And check again the terminology.
  4. Relaxrayaan

    Forced delay to login

    Hi, I am new to linux world. Bodhi linux is my first experience. I run bodhi 4.1 on my laptop with i3 4gb ram on 8gb usb2.0 drive (installed on this drive). Whenever i start my laptop the splash screen plays for 10 seconds and it is struck on this screen for 5 minutes before showing the login screen. After that everything is smooth. Any help on this problem? Update: I ran systemd analyzing commands. ~$ systemd-analyze Startup finished in 16.300s (kernel) + 13min 15.833s (userspace) = 13min 32.133s ~$ systemd-analyze critical-chain The time after the unit is active or started is printed after the "@" character. The time the unit takes to start is printed after the "+" character. graphical.target @13min 15.806s └─multi-user.target @13min 15.806s └─smbd.service @13min 15.504s +302ms └─nmbd.service @13min 13.591s +1.892s └─network-online.target @13min 13.588s └─network.target @13min 13.588s └─wpa_supplicant.service @8.676s +1.430s └─basic.target @4.840s └─sockets.target @4.840s └─avahi-daemon.socket @4.840s └─sysinit.target @4.838s └─apparmor.service @3.053s +1.784s └─local-fs.target @3.035s └─local-fs-pre.target @3.035s └─systemd-remount-fs.service @2.928s +107ms └─systemd-journald.socket @606ms └─-.mount @579ms └─system.slice @605ms └─-.slice @579ms