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    Lag times in Live Environment

    Thanks DOOMguy, <-sef>, and Charles for all your input. The laptop I got was just for light use while on the road ( http://tinyurl.com/lr5g3sb attempt here to post working link ), and it looks like I have several options here to pursue to see if Bodhi will run on it, such as beefing up the memory. Off to the lab... -gr
  2. GibbousRune

    Lag times in Live Environment

    Hi guys, I’m using Bodhi Linux in Live Environment mode booting from an 8GB USB flash drive created with Unetbootin. The first time I created a Unetbootin boot drive to run in Live Environment, I used the 64-bit version of Bodhi and it ran slowly--like having time lags from 10 seconds to 2 minutes between clicking a selection and getting a response. The issue occurs in desktop situations (e.g., selecting program from quick launder menu, will lag before opening Terminology or Firefox, and just now lagging 15 seconds before allowing me to continue typing this into LibreOffice Writer), as well as during internet sessions (such as when trying to open a new tab or type in a username and password for secure site access will lag 15- 30 sec.). When trying to close a window in Firefox, can take a minute or two. I’m using a Lenovo Ideapad 110s 11.6" Laptop - Intel Celeron - 2GB Memory - 32GB eMMC Flash Memory (see: http://tinyurl.com/lr5g3sb). When I switch to the Windows side, everything runs fast and smooth. No issues. So I thought I’d done the first setup incorrectly. I tried a second time with similar results. Reading up on the Ideapad, there was some info suggesting the Celeron platform may run similar to 32-bit, so on a third setup, I tried installing Bodhi with the 32-bit version. Same problem persists. When I created the drive with Unetbootin, there was a slider option to allocate the amount of RAM to the system, and it only went up to about half of what is usually recommended, given that I was using an 8 GB USB. The problem seems like it may be caused by insufficient RAM. Will this likely clear up if I actually install Bodhi instead of run in the Live Environment from a USB? Or are there known compatibility issues with Lenovo Ideapads? Thanks, -gr
  3. GibbousRune

    System Password with USB boot drive

    Hi Charles, i am enjoying Bodhi Linux and even more now that I can download from the AppCenter. Yes, I didn't "install" Linux but am running in the Live Environment with a USB flash drive so hitting 'enter' works. Problem solved. Much appreciated, -gr
  4. GibbousRune

    System Password with USB boot drive

    Hi all, The basic question I have is: what is my Bodhi Linux system password? I've searched this and other forum answers on the net which usually say that the password is created during system setup. I've done three clean installs (all successful) with a USB boot drive (through Unetbootin), and have not found where a password is created in the installation process. I've tried using the Windows-side password to download and install from the AppCenter, which obviously doesn't work. I can do installs of programs downloaded from developer sites, like Mozilla Firefox, with no problem. Is there a different process for setting a system password when installing using a USB boot drive? Thanks, -gr