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    Both universal and local time worng

    Well, I have used the pre-installed ChromeOS before. For some time I had an extra version of ubuntu installed via crouton. Problems did not occur. I may try another ubuntu live session to be clear later this week if possible. The touchpad behaviour is certainly different to its behaviour in ChromeOS, for a minute after the first start I even was unsure whether or not it would work at all...
  2. technicalissue

    Both universal and local time worng

    The touchpad does not behave differently in the live session, shows the same problems. typing uname-r results in the following: 4.8.0-34-generic hope that is what you were looking for?
  3. technicalissue

    Both universal and local time worng

    sudo apt-get install ntp did the trick, thanks a lot for that! Any ideas on the issue concerning the touchpad?
  4. technicalissue

    Both universal and local time worng

    Hello, I just started installing Bodhi Linux on my Chromebook Acer C720 following this guide: http://jeffhoogland.blogspot.de/2014/01/howto-bodhi-linux-on-acer-c720.html(except for I couldn't use the special .iso mentioned for its no longer there, used the most up to date version instead). Almost everything works fine so far except for one things that's now causing some issues: Both local and universal time are both set on March 8, 2082 with a different time to my actual time zone. When using the command sudo dkpg-reconfigure tzdata And choosing my current timezone, nothing changes. Something like date --set="<Date&Time>" only gives me with a line saying operation not permitted. Because of these settings all browser refuse to open most websites for almost all issuer certificates are expired due to the local date&time settings. Is there any fix for this problem or am I just seriously overseeing something? A second issue I'm experiencing (not sure whether another topic for that is needed) is that the touchpad doesn't work as properly as it used to - have to use way more pressure on it in order to get the mouse moving. Hope for some answers, thanks in advance!