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  1. Thank you for the follow up Doomguy, I believe it was Enlightenment File Manager (or whatever was the default app?). I have since replaced the Distro [bodhi] with OnlyHuman e 0 21 7 21070321 (PCLInuxOS spin). It does permit the Virtual Desktop set up as I described. As I observed above, if I find that an attempted distro load isn't functioning on my hardware, I'm on to other distro, it's simply more time effective than slugging through making any one of them conform to my computers. IT is nothing personal to Bodhi or any other distro it's just a lesson learned from 4 or 5 years of going through the bulk of the top 100 Linux distro's and their selection of Desktops. For my computer usage, the most compliant Desktop environment for user set up (Virtual desktops) is Enlightenment, Trinity is a distant second. All others of the top dozen plus Desktop Environments fall well behind. It isn't that one can't get the multiple desktops set up, it just is more convoluted than I have the time (or interest) to squander. I do thank you, Jeff and the rest for what Bodhi does offer the Linux Community, historically it was among the reasons I got in tune with Enlightenment as my preferred D/E. Cheers, S Nail p.s. you may consider this 'problem' solved, I do.
  2. Firstly, thank you to Mr. Doomguy and Jeff for their responses. I had a look at the File Manager tool bar for any presence (in the various drop down submenu's) for any resembling a "use as wallpaper" option? None found? As to sequence of steps I typically follow with Enlightenment desktops to the setup of Virtual Desktops: The Virtual Desktop Settings menu is brought up via the right 'click' with the cursor over the virtual desktop within the panel portion of the display. From the Virtual Desktops Settings Window, [Number of Desktops subsection] the cursor is positioned over the depiction (graphic) of the first Virtual Desktop screen within the "click to change wallpaper" and with the trackpad left 'click' the Desk Settings window is opened. Within the Desktop Settings, Desktop Wallpaper subsection, I position the cursor over the "Set" 'button' and select that! The 'Set' highlights but that's as much as it does, I get no follow on window where I would "Normally" get offered the means to identify what picture/image I want to assign to the Virtual Desktop of interest? If this is not the appropriate sequence within Moksha, this is a departure for how such tasks are done with Enlightenment. As to your rationale for refraining from Enlightenment within the Synaptic Package Manager, I do respect your opinion and concur that IF I experienced problems with Enlightenment, I too would not bother with it. Thank you for sharing that, I never quarrel where sour experiences are concerned, I appreciate the free exchange of information and experiences plus and minus. kind regards, S Nail
  3. I successfully loaded Bodhi 4.1.0-64 on my Acer Aspire Notebook and all seemed fine. I started setting up the Virtual desktops when I found that although the Virtual Desktop Settings window offering the 'Set' option to select a desired wallpaper for that particular desktop, it went no further in bringing about the next window that would normally afford the user the means to define what source/file they would choose to be the picture for the wallpaper? Any suggestions how I get beyond this obstacle? Without the distinctive wallpapers to delineate which virtual desktop I'm in (Function clusters - Office apps, Internet apps, etc.) the unique usefulness of Moksha/enlightenment starts to just look like any other desktop environment (substandard), not acceptable. Sidenote: I noticed that within the offered Synaptic Package Manager selections, the blatant absence of the Enlightenment Desktop. While I appreciate the work of Professor Hoogland et al to compose this Moksha variant, the user selectable option of e 0.21.7 Enlightenment would be nice. That or a brief description of how a user moves their downloaded distro over to some non-native/default Desktop (like a downloaded Enlightenment off that D/E's website). That said, my continued thanks to all contributors to Bodhi for a Linux Distribution distinctly worthy of use. keep up the good work, S Nail