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  1. Linuxfarmer

    What should I do on my old computer?

    Put ScummVM on it and enjoy the LucasArts adventure games.
  2. Linuxfarmer

    This is a "totally boss" system

    18 years back my first laptop got debian with windowmaker and was used for years with it. Bodhi bring back the old thrill, comes with a pretty a-z configurable desktop that slightly amazed me. While all known software packages are available and can be used again. After years with plain Ubuntu, Linuxmint and short period with Enlightenment Freya now Bodhi become my favorite. Go on with this, it's great.
  3. Linuxfarmer

    Esudo stoped working

    Also confirmed Esudo works well with en_US.UTF-8 but not with de_DE.UTF-8. Okay no problem to workaround that for a while.
  4. Linuxfarmer

    Esudo stoped working

    Confirmed, fresh install here too. ii esudo 1.39bodhi1 all ii efl 201701261.18 amd64 Functions over esudo bring up the password dialog, after that something hang, no install, no programs appear. esudo ls = cursor does not return to the console, need CTRL-C to break free esudo -h = cursor returns but nothing else to see Wrong or non password results to a 'wrong password' output. This also disables appcenter functionality and same for ubuntu interaction with gdebi. Plain sudo does the job.